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TTDTotal to Date
TTDTrinidad and Tobago Dollar (Currency Unit, ISO)
TTDTemporary Total Disability (insurance term)
TTDTrash The Dress
TTDThings To Do
TTDTransport Tycoon Deluxe (video game)
TTDTirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (administrative board for Lord Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh State, India)
TTDTirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
TTDTerence Trent D'Arby (singer)
TTDTop Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point, OH)
TTDTransportation Trades Department (AFL-CIO)
TTDTrue-Time Delay
TTDThought Translation Device
TTDTime to Die (gaming clan)
TTDTime-To-Degree (National Research Council)
TTDTic Tac Dough (TV show)
TTDTactical Terrain Data
TTDTo the Dome (gaming clan)
TTDToilet Tissue Dispenser
TTDTime to Deliver (computer science)
TTDThickened Tailings Disposal (mining)
TTDTemporary Travel Document
TTDTerminal Temperature Difference
TTDtechnical task directive (US DoD)
TTDTruncated Temporal Differences (artificial intelligence)
TTDTickled to Death (band)
TTDTouch Tone Dialing
TTDTransformation Technology Directorate
TTDTested to Destruction
TTDTime Till Death
TTDTrue Til Death (straight edge saying)
TTDThis Thread Delivers
TTDTotal Time of Dive
TTDTechnical Training Device
TTDTank Training Devices
TTDThere's the Door
TTDTowed Torpedo Detector
TTDThe Transportation Directory
TTDTeuf Teuf Douessin (French automobile club; est. 1985)
TTDTiny Tom Donuts (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)
TTDTake that Dude
TTDTeacher Training Department
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Trichothiodystrophy also denoted as IBIDS (ichthyosis, brittle hair, impaired intelligence, de- creased fertility, short stature) is a condition in which scales vary from fine to erythrodermic in na- ture.
Xeroderma pigmentosum (complementation group D) mutation is present in patients affected by trichothiodystrophy with photosensitivity.
They do not address therapeutic interventions or palmar-plantar ketarodermas, connexin- related disorders, or trichothiodystrophy.