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TMPTélévision Mobile Personnelle (French: Personal Mobile TV)
TMPThe Motion Picture
TMPThe Miniatures Page (website magazine)
TMPStar Trek: The Motion Picture (first Star Trek movie)
TMPTactical Machine Pistol
TMPTransportation Management Plan
TMPThermomechanical Pulp
TMPThymidine 5'-Monophosphate
TMPTax Matters Partner
TMPTell Me, Please
TMPTransportation Motor Pool
TMPThe Meeting Place (online Uru community)
TMPTemplate Metaprogramming
TMPTrans-Membrane Pressure
TMPTurbo Molecular Pump
TMPTrimethyl Phosphate
TMPTransportation Management Program
TMPTerminal Monitor Program
TMPToronto Motorsports Park
TMPThe Mothman Prophecies (movie)
TMPTechnology Migration Program (Cisco)
TMPTest Management Protocol (ATMF)
TMPTesting at Manufacturer's Premises (product safety)
TMPTrusted Mobile Platform (IBM, Intel, NTT)
TMPTampere, Finland - Tampere-Pirkkala (Airport Code)
TMPTechnical Management Plan
TMPTalent Management Program
TMPTraditional Medical Practitioner
TMPTransition Management Plan
TMPTraining Management Plan
TMPTask Management Plan
TMPTime Manner Place (language)
TMPTransport Mission Pilot
TMPThe Manager's Program (Northwestern University MBA)
TMPTivoli Management Platform
TMPTarget Materials Program
TMPTimed Manual Performance
TMPTechnology Master Planning
TMPTechnical Maintenance Plan (Royal Australian Air Force)
TMPTactical Munitions Dispenser
TMPtrimethylol propan
TMPtelecommunications management program (US DoD)
TMPTerminal Message Processor
TMPTest Management Plan
TMPTelecommunications Management Plan
TMPTechnical Manual Part/Plan
TMPTest Market Profile
TMPTactical Military Pistol
TMPTimor Portugese (East Timor, former ISO code; now TLS)
TMPTest and Maintenance Processor
TMPtheater manpower forces (US DoD)
TMPTelecommunications Modem Processor
TMPThe Muslim Parliament (UK)
TMPThe Music People (various locations)
TMPTeacher Mentor Program
TMPTraffic Management Plan (various locations)
TMPTranscontinental Music Publications (Union for Reform Judaism)
TMPThe Manhattan Project
TMPTaranggana Maha Prawira (Jakarta)
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Based on these results by all these authors were selected trimethoprim and rifampicin as selective agents that could add to M17 and Elliker medium, to find a suitable medium that allows the growth and development of Lactococcus species.
Abbreviation: SXT, Sulphamethoxazole-Trimethoprim; CTX, Cefotaxime; CIP, Ciprofloxacin; W, Trimethoprim, AMP, Ampicillin; NAL, Nalidixic acid; CAZ, Ceftazedime; F, Nitrofurantoin; Cs , Sensitive to all antibiotics tested detected in 9 (56%) of these 16 Sulphamethoxazole-Trimethoprim resistant isolates.
Given the ever-increasing restrictions on antibiotic use in hospitals that are being encouraged by the Department of Health in an effort to control resistance and MRSA, it seems paradoxical to reclassify trimethoprim," said Dr Howe.
Simultaneously, the use of other antimicrobials decreased: use of sulphonamides and trimethoprim from 17.
The establishment of basic manufacturing plant to produce Trimethoprim, a vital ingredient used in production of antibiotic preparations under the brand name of Septran, is yet another milestone added to a long list of achievements in which the Wellcome Group and Pakistan Company can take some legitimate pride".
As trimethoprim resistance is often encoded by integron-driven dfr determinants, we looked for integrons.
While less effective than nitrofurantoin and trimethoprim sulfa, a single 3-g dose of fosfomycin trometamol can be an appropriate choice because of resistance profiles and low ecologic impact.
Using concealed allocation, the children were randomly assigned to a control group that did not receive antibiotic therapy or an intervention group receiving sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (5-10 mg/kg sulfamethoxazole plus 1-2 mg/kg trimethoprim once daily) for 2 years, after which they stopped treatment but were monitored for another 2 years.
Hartwell and Steck tested ciprofloxacin and trimethoprim, two antibiotics typically prescribed for urinary tract infections.
AMEX:LCI), a manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals, today announced that it has commenced marketing Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim single strength (SS) and double strength (DS) tablets.