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3BBeat (police incident code; New Zealand)
3BTriple (baseball)
3BThird Baseman (baseball)
3BBharat Book Bureau (market research; India)
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After landing a double axel, Meissner almost fell on a triple lutz, and she opted to turn a triple loop into a double.
Moniz says the 53-acre shredder yard in Brampton provides the ideal case study for why the wheeled Fuchs machines have won over the operations department of Triple M Metal.
Triple X requires the use of a prescribed mortality table and discount rate to determine the "statutory reserve" based on a present value methodology.
The veer, or triple option, is an offense not just a play.
Even during the credit crunch of recent years, Acredit triple nets have always been financeable and able to be leveraged at higher loan-to-value ratios than most other real estate investments.
Arakawa had a triple lutz-triple toe loop scheduled, but pared it to a triple-double when she felt she ``was losing my balance.
Though the triple option has been an offensive modality since the early 1970s, its popularity has been declining in recent years, thanks mostly to creative defenses and the influx of newer offensive schemes.
If Smarty Jones couldn't win the Triple Crown, what is it going to take to break thoroughbred racing's going-on-27-year drought?
I mean, if Smarty Jones wins the Belmont Stakes today and completes the Triple Crown, an event we've been told would ''transform'' the horse-racing industry.