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TRITTea Research Institute of Tanzania (D'Salaam, Tanzania)
TRITTurbine Rotor Inlet Temperature
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It is important to note that the reduction of leaf-cutting ant activity, near the nests and along the primary foraging trails, was maintained for a period of 20 days after the last application of nosodes of macerated and triturated Acromyrmex spp.
53 g) was triturated with ethyl acetate and left for 24 hrs.
The gum was triturated with ethyl acetate to give 19,20-dihydroxycytochalasin C off-white needles (57 mg), mp 251-253 [degrees]C, [[[alpha]].
The material was triturated with water two times and the resulting solid collected by filtration.
The residual thick liquid was triturated with ethanol (100 [cm.
5mL plastic tubes, where they were triturated with a sterile micropestle in 600 [micro]L of Rinaldini solution (6.
In homeopathy, crude drug substance is diluted and triturated or succussed to increase its potency by virtue of which, only the medicinal power of the substance is retained and drug related side-effects are eliminated.
The leaves of the plant were air dried and triturated in a mechanical mill.
The cells were incubated for 5 min at 37[degrees]C and then triturated with fire-polished Pasteur pipettes with decreasing aperture size in order to fully dissociate the cells.
0 g of tissue sample (rumen dorsal sac, rumen ventral sac, liver, Longissimus dorsi muscle and duodenum) was triturated in saline for 3 min.