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TrOOPTrue Out-Of-Pocket
TrOOPTotal Respect of Other People (band)
TrOOPTransportation Operational and Organizational Plan
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I suppose we've inherited them from our mothers," said the troop horse.
said Billy and the troop horse together, and I could hear them stamp and shiver.
The rumor reached us that Menelek himself was coming, and the pitch of excitement to which this announcement raised the troops was little short of miraculous--at least, to one of my race and nationality whose rulers for centuries had been but ordinary men, holding office at the will of the people for a few brief years.
As I witnessed it, I could not but speculate upon the moral effect upon his troops of a sovereign's presence in the midst of battle.
Harvey choked with rage, but Troop went on consolingly: "We're sorry fer you.
I can make it lively for you and your crowd when we get ashore," said Harvey, with a vicious nod, murmuring vague threats about "piracy," at which Troop almost - not quite - smiled.
Then came the distant report of a shot, and our troops could be seen hurrying to the crossing.
The Abyssins are not only obliged to maintain the troops in their march, but to repair the roads, to clear them, especially in the forests, of brambles and thorns, and by all means possible to facilitate the passage of the army.
During the stay of the troops at the foot of the Otsego a soldier was shot for desertion.
But scarcely had I taken a hundred steps in the direction of the farther gate when the sound of marching troops, the clank of metal, and the squealing of thoats just within the city apprised me of the fact that the Kaolians were already moving toward the other gate.
At this cry a hysterical fear and dismay beset the troops.
I shall remember this to-morrow," said Charley; "and I will go to State Street, so as to see exactly where the British troops were stationed.