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TRUSTTeam for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology
TRUSTTeam Republicans for Utilizing Sensible Tactics (politics)
TRUSTText Retrieval Using Semantic Technologies (research engine)
TRUSTTransparently Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Terminal
TRUSTTrain Running System on Tops (UK railway computer system providing realtime information)
TRUSTTelevision Relay Using Small Terminals (satellite)
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It is the Railroad Trust that runs your state government, wherever you live, and that runs the United States Senate.
But surely love means perfect trust," said Rosalind.
But that I trust I shall find the means of saving Rowena, and thee, Athelstane, and thee, also, my poor Wamba, thou shouldst not overbear me in this matter.
Gentlemen of fortune," returned the cook, "usually trusts little among themselves, and right they are, you may lay to it.
Not to confer in each case a degree of power commensurate to the end, would be to violate the most obvious rules of prudence and propriety, and improvidently to trust the great interests of the nation to hands which are disabled from managing them with vigor and success.
Yet we know by happy experience that the public trust was not betrayed; nor has the purity of our public councils in this particular ever suffered, even from the whispers of calumny.
I showed not my feeling to others when it would wound, but only to you, my old friend, whom I can trust.
When, therefore, servants, and princes towards servants, are thus disposed, they can trust each other, but when it is otherwise, the end will always be disastrous for either one or the other.
A very few years more and the hazardous difficulties of handling a fleet under canvas shall have passed beyond the conception of seamen who hold in trust for their country Lord Nelson's legacy of heroic spirit.
Kings in ancient times (and at this present in some countries) were wont to put great trust in eunuchs; because they that are envious towards all are more obnoxious and officious, towards one.
Your kind offices will set all right: he is the only man I ever did or could love, and I trust you will convince him of it.
None but fools trust to luck in play," Dolokhov had then said.