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TSKTreasury of Scripture Knowledge
TSKTemporary Session Key
TSKTsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. (Japan)
TSKThe Sleuth Kit (UNIX)
TSKThe Silent Killer (gaming clan)
TSKTesked (Swedish: teaspoon)
TSKTall Skinny Kiwi
TSKThe Subtle Knife (Phillip Pullman book)
TSKSkin Temperature
TSKTurk Silahli Kuvvetleri (Turkish Armed Forces)
TSKTakagi-Sugeno-Kang (fuzzy network model)
TSKTekniikan Sanastokeskus (Finland)
TSKTampa Scale for Kinesiophobia
TSKTypgeprüfte Schaltgerätekombinationen (Type-Tested Switchgear Assembly)
TSKTime Stranger Kyoko (anime)
TSKTelcordia Standards Knowledgebase
TSKTransmission Security Key
TSKTang Shiu Kin (school)
TSKTime Space Knowledge (inquiry method)
TSKThree-Second Kiss (band)
TSKThe Screaming Kidneys (band)
TSKTeam Silent Kill (Airsoft team)
TSKTouristik-Service-Kühlungsborn (German)
TSKTokyo Senpaku Kaisha, Ltd
TSKTop Secret Kid (gaming)
TSKThe Softkiller Crew
TSKThou Shalt Kill (record label)
TSKThe Serial Keeper
TSKTakarazuka Sakudokan K.K (now Hi-Lex Corporation; Japan)
TSKTable Space Kitchen (real estate)
TSKTruk-Soft Köln (German)
TSKTeam Swiss Kart (gaming)
TSKTallinna Sikupilli Keskkool
TSKTiger Shulmann's Karate
TSKTrade Services Contract
TSKTechnical Society of Knoxville
TSKTelekommunikation Service Kaya
TSKTowarzystwo Szkolne Kociszew (Polish)
TSKTransport Service Külbleck
TSKThe Suicide Crew (gaming)
TSKTongue Smart Kids
TSKTotal Street Knowledge (clothing company; Cleveland, OH)
TSKTechnické služby mesta Karviné
TSKTwiztid Serial Killa (Insane Clown Posse)
TSKThe Sound Key (band)
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Davutoy-lu said that the TSK had previously been authorized to carry out a cross-border operation into Syria, Takan wrote.
However, a senior retired Turkish general's recent confessions regarding the shortcomings of the TSK may help renew the debate over the TSK's autonomous status and its negative impacts on the country's national security interests.
Basbug said while TSK continued to carry out the fight against the terrorist organization with determination, it was important for the government to take measures in economic and social and cultural areas to eradicate terrorism.
30 Victory Day reception last year at the presidential palace that they had been receiving many tips as to alleged members of the GE-len movement within the TSK.
In June 2014 the TSK strongly denied a news report published in the pro-government AkE-am daily claiming that there are 40 senior military officers who are linked with the so-called "parallel structure.
Chief of General Staff said TSK would continue to carry out its assignments being loyal to the fundamental characteristics of the Republic stated in the Constitution.
The AKP deliberately kept the TSK out of the settlement process.
Commenting on the discussion, Grand Unity Party (BBP) leader Mustafa Destici defined the incident as "one of the inceptions of the division process of the country," adding, "With the incident, a campaign of discrediting the TSK was kicked off and the Turkish people were forced to pay a high price as a result of the attack," referring to the ongoing settlement process between the government and the PKK.
Some pro-government media outlets have been running stories claiming that there are TSK members who are affiliated with the "parallel structure" and that the General Staff should expel these figures from its ranks.
Nevertheless, the TSK cannot escape from the responsibility it has to assume on military matters, such as whether to meet the US-led anti-IS coalition's requests for the use of, for instance, the yncirlik base in southern Turkey for offensive purposes against the IS.
The draft law, which also envisages merging some military units, is intended to make reforms, though slow moving, within the TSK, which has a large military force but is relatively not effective, mobile or efficient in terms of meeting 21st century threats.
Accordingly, we undertook a modification of the TSK to assess 'fear of passive movement' beliefs (TSK-PM (passive movement)).