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TBGThyroid Binding Globulin
TBGTime Base Generator (electronic clock circuit with programable output frequencies)
TBGTurn Based Gold (King of Chaos gaming)
TBGTransportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-Brasil SA
TBGTRADOC Budget Guidance
TBGThyroxine-Binding Globulin of Serum
TBGTechnical Basis for Globalization
TBGTibbett & Britten Group (UK)
TBGThe Brilliant Green (band)
TBGtetrathionate brilliant green
TBGThe Berndt Group (Baltimore, MD)
TBGThe Bridgespan Group (San Francisco, CA)
TBGText Based Game
TBGThe Benjamin Gate (band)
TBGTurn Based Game
TBGThe Breakaway Group (Colorado)
TBGThe Beautiful Girls (band)
TBGThe Bradford Group (various locations)
TBGThe Buyer's Guide (Comic Fandom)
TBGThe Blackstone Group (various locations)
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Turbotec has introduced its proprietary process for the manufacture of surface-enhanced Titanium tubing and as a first application has produced coaxial coils for spa and swimming pool heating systems.
Gore's CHEM-SURE(TM) tubing offers the same benefits as our STA-PURE tubing; however, it offers an even greater level of chemical resistance.
With its primered capabilities, CST will provide a broad range of structural tubing to a regional market, including British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, Montana, Northern California, Idaho and Utah.
Both Swagelok insulated tubing and jacketed tubing feature a thermoplastic, UV-resistant jacket that provides increased protection against galvanic and atmospheric corrosion.
Weber continued, "Our tubing operations continue to be solid, despite the difficult economy.
The Entegris solution uses FEP tubing as the secondary containment and PFA as the primary containment.
Reeled Tubing is one of the largest coiled tubing and well service providers along the Gulf Coast and in East Texas with 21 coiled tubing units and 20 nitrogen units operating from five locations - Belle Chase and Lafayette, La.
Never drag tubing across surfaces such as the workshop floor, workbenches, racking or the ground.
Position that second Sharpie mark on the bar section of the tubing bender just the way you did before.
Specialty Silicone's first patent simply creates tubing with a constant ID and variable OD (Patent 5,511,965 April '96).
Require staff to completely trace tubing from the patient to the point or origin for verification before tubing is connected or reconnected to a patient.
Algoma Tubes, once a subsidiary business of Algoma Steel, has risen from the ashes after being moth balled and later sold to Tenaris Group, a multi-national seamless tubing operation.