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TUPLEToyohashi University Parallel Lisp Environment (computer processing system)
TUPLETable Update Line Entry
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It is possible to use monads [Wadler 1990a; Launchbury and Peyton Jones 1995] or linear types [Girard 1987; Wadler 1990b; 1993] to ensure that a tuple is initialized exactly once, but we have avoided these approaches in the interest of a simpler type system.
We say tuples and not variables, because these tuples are the representation of each pixel of the image which we will consider, for transparent use, to be N-dimensional.
A database is a set of basic axioms corresponding to base relations and tuples plus deductive axioms or inference rules.
In order to derive the corresponding criteria for tuples, we firstly presented the equivalent characterization for the disk-cyclic or codisk-cyclic tuple T = ([T.
i] of each tuple in a molecule as the intensification searches or the diversification searches [25] to optimize the processor mapping of a solution.
The tuple level uncertainty describes the presence or absence of a tuple, and the feature level uncertainty does not involve the uncertainty of entire tuples.
For the class I', if [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is an unbiased, interval estimate for [beta], then for every tuple [?
In our algorithm, we adopt the tuple ID propagation method to virtually join relations along each path and collect the required information for computation.
EquiKeep takes each tuple t of a relation R and a logical expression P as input, and returns a new relation with the same R scheme, in which, each new tuple t is formed by the attribute values that satisfy the expression P.
In the case of symmetric distributions and equidistant labels, the symbolic proportional extension reduces to a 2 tuple representation.
For instant tuple 1 and 2 in Table 2 form an equivalent class ([E.