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turduckenboneless turkey stuffed with a boneless duck stuffed with a boneless chicken
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Turducken became popular when US delis began selling it.
The Seagull within The Turducken has been rewritten by Josef Evans to such a degree that those audience members not intimately familiar with Chekhov's original will recognize only the most iconic of scenes from The Seagull.
There are many ways to prepare a turducken, the most popular being baking, grilling, or smoking.
In a cultural sense, the mash-up blends and blurs identity to the extent that the part can no longer be extricated from its whole: Branjolina on the newsstand or Turducken on the dinner platter.
Another highlight is a trio of plays by the late Argentine-born French playwright Copi, directed by Marcial di Fonzo Bo: Loretta Strong spotlights one actor assaying multiple roles; in Le Frigo, the clothes make the man, but the costumes keep changing; La Tour de la Defense presents a loony vision of the Apocalypse complete with, among other oddities, a reptilian riff on the turducken.
When done with this technique, turkey can be deep fried or roasted to create Turducken.
If we needed proof our duck was amateur-bagged, it came when my mother-in-law encountered a bit of buckshot in one Turducken bite.
shtml to find out how to make any vegetarian's nightmare barbecue dish -the Turducken.