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UCUpper Case
UCUniversity of Colorado
UCUniversity College (University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
UCUp (Stage) Center
UCUrbana-Champaign (Illinois, USA)
UCUniversity of Charleston (Charleston West Virginia)
UCUniversidad de Carabobo (Spanish: University of Carabobo; Venezuela)
UCUndercover (TV show)
UCUrgent Care
UCUtica College (New York)
UCUlcerative Colitis
UCUnited Center (Chicago arena)
UCUnion Council (Pakistan)
UCUnified Command
UCUniversité Catholique de Louvain
UCUtility Computing
UCUrsinus College (Collegeville, Pennsylvania)
UCUsual Care
UCUnassisted Childbirth (birth without a medical professional in attendance)
UCUnreal Championship (Xbox game)
UCUniversity Challenge (British television quiz show)
UCUpdate Code
UCUmbrella Corporation
UCUrothelial Carcinoma
UCUrban Cluster
UCUrban Contemporary (music genre)
UCUrban Council
UCUterine Contraction
UCUnited Club
UCUsability Center
UCUpper Classman
UCUtility Cargo (military aircraft designation)
UCUtility Coordination
UCUnion Constitutionelle (French: Constitutional Union, Morocco)
UCUniversal Current
UCUniform Calendar (Integrated Chronological Applications System)
UCUltra Cricket (game)
UCUser Correction
UCUnity Check (stress analysis check)
UCUnited Citizens Party (also seen as UCP)
UCUpper Culmination
UCAir Post Envelope or Letter Sheet (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
UCUniversity of Cantho (Vietnam)
UCULANA Certified
UCUltimate Climber (blog)
UCUnprogressive Conservative
UCUnderfashion Club (Clinton Corners, NY)
UCUnion City (USA)
UCUnconventional Computing (International Conference)
UCUltra Compact
UCUniversal Controller
UCUniversity of Coimbra
UCUnity College (Maine)
UCUndiscovered Country (Star Trek VI Movie)
UCUnder Construction
UCUnder Counter (blueprints)
UCUnit Commitment
UCUniversal Century (Gundam animated series)
UCUnderpinning Contract
UCUnconventional Couple (fanfiction)
UCUniversidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
UCUniversal Communicator (mobile phones which incorporate video and the internet)
UCUniversal Code
UCUniversity of Connecticut
UCUnarmed Combat (UK)
UCUncacheable (BIOS setting)
UCUnique Calls (made)
UCUniversal Column
UCUniversidad Catolica
UCUniversidad de Concepcion (Chile)
UCUniversity Center
UCUniversity of California
UCUniversity of Chicago
UCUniversity of Cincinnati
UCUnified Communications
UCUniversity of Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
UCUniversity of Canberra (Australia)
UCUnit Controller
UCUniversal Component
UCUniversity Christian (Jacksonville, Florida)
UCUltrasonic Consolidation
UCUnion College
UCUniversity of Cambridge (UK)
UCUnemployment Compensation
UCUniversity of Canterbury
UCUndercity (gaming, World of Warcraft)
UCUnitary County (UK)
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In an apparent effort to address potential concerns about entrapment, an undercover agent asked Mohamud what he was willing to do for the Islamic cause.
In each of these instances, undercover police engaged in seemingly
They can maximize the accuracy of such decision making by focusing on the goodness of fit between the candidate and a particular undercover operation (UCO) or activity; by administering psychological tests designed to assess specific traits and skills; and by completing in-depth interviews and role-plays that provide critical information regarding the candidate's personal style, interpersonal skills, professional experience, and operational competence.
Mr Matheson has also written to the Home Secretary asking her to reconsider the terms of reference of the Undercover Policing Inquirys remit to include the activity of English and Welsh police units in Scotland.
But it is the demeanour of the undercover officers that left the residents in awe.
This bill safeguards members operating undercover, fleshes out the manner in which authorisation for undercover operations is issued, introduces the requirement for participants' consent, and limits the scope for sting operations to the investigation of crimes punishable with at least three years in prison," he said.
The most important segment of each show is the big reveal when the bosses confess that they have been working undercover and give rewards to exemplary employees.
He said the Pitchford Inquiry in England had the power to look at the actions of undercover police at the company's Wapping plant in London during the strike.
The actions of undercover officers with secret Met Police units led to the Pitchford Inquiry being established last year but campaigners have called on its remit to be widened to include undercover operations in Scotland.
The police set a trap and a undercover police told the suspect that he was sick and having problems in his work.
In an unprecedented move national guidance on undercover policing is being made public by the College of Policing.
Informants, Cooperating Witnesses, and Undercover Investigations: A Practical Guide to Law, Policy, and Procedure, 2nd Edition