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UPASUnderpass (US Postal service standard street suffix)
UPASUnit Performance Assessment System
UPASUniversal Pilots Application Service
UPASUAV Performance Assessment System
UPASUrokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator System (dermatology)
UPASUAS Performance Assessment System (formerly UAV, the unmanned community now recognizes the entire system)
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Mohammed Masoud Al Marri, Ashghal Infrastructure Affairs Director, highlighted that the opening of Bani Hajer underpass would improve traffic flow in the area especially after removing the diversion that used to U-turn traffic coming to and from Bani Hajer and Al Rayyan, noting that road users would be able to go straight through the underpass.
At least 175,000 vehicles are projected to benefit from the underpass that will provide signal-free passage from Thokar Niaz Baig to Harbanspura, saving time and money.
Kacy Crook, 25, a medical scribe at the nearby Slocum Surgery Center, said walking from work to her favorite store for lunch requires passing through the underpass.
The constant of proportionality is k, determined by using the dimensions of the underpass and wavelength of the radio signal.
The section of I-10, and its associated underpass structures, included in this study was added to the California State Highway system in 1915; Highway 111 and SR-62 were added in 1933 (California Department of Transportation, in litt.
The project also comprises a dual carriageway with four lanes, service roads, a cycle track in each direction, the construction of two underpass interchanges; at New Wajbah, and Al Dehailiyat Army Camp.
The underpass is one of several which takes pedestrians under the busy Customs Roundabout.
The construction work began in 2008 and the underpass was scheduled to be completed by Sept.
The idea is that local young people can take a photo of their art piece, which then can be repainted by others and can be used multiple times and keeps the underpass looking fresh.
In underpass PA1 modules are made of concrete type C30/37, according to EN206-1: 2000 Concrete --Part 1: Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity, while in underpasses PA2 and PA3 they are made of concrete type C25/30.
There are also four dedicated underpass structures designed for the emus, three 5.
TALENTED local youngsters have transformed a drab Middlesbrough underpass with vivid artwork - creating a spectacular vision of Teesside in the future.