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u/sUnder Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
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Expanded time-on-undertaking, overseeing understudy issues, and keeping up positive understudy conduct are among the most imperative.
new of His future had seemed to be in doubt after City swooped for Portsmouth understudy goalkeeper Liam O'Brien.
He was replaced by his understudy Tom Hanson, who then hurt his leg.
But I had played that character on tour, so I decided to be the understudy in "Millie.
Reece Shearsmith plays Jim, the mild-mannered understudy to the show's monstrously unpleasant and egotistical star, played by Steve Pemberton.
It would be very bad luck indeed if he was suddenly indisposed in some way - although not for Jim, his ever-hopeful understudy.
Although Wade retained his role as wicketkeeping understudy for the Ashes tour after making way for Haddin to return to the Test team as Michael Clarke's vice-captain earlier this year, however, Healy said that he believes that even though he is back in the keeping pack, Wade's status as understudy to Haddin can no longer be assumed.
Contract notice: Selection of a contractor for the organization and implementation of measures for publicity for the project" Construction of understudy left Vladayski collector "in connection with a contract for free financial aid no.
Moyes called Rooney last week to assure him that he doesn't regard him as solely an understudy to Robin van Persie.
As well as being part of the ensemble, she's understudy for the leading character of Viva, a talented girl who along with her best friends gets swept up in the obsession of today's TV celebrity culture.
Bell was forced off with an injury at half-time in the 2-0 win over Motherwell and as he's now a doubt for the trip to St Mirren, his understudy is on standby.
In reaction to pressure from advocates for actors with disabilities, the producers of the upcoming Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker have cast a 10-year-old girl with visual impairment as the understudy for the role of Helen Keller.