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CLUE reports--a database of consumer claims that insurers can access when they are underwriting or rating a policy-continue to be a central source of data for many carriers writing auto and homeowners policies.
Underwriting and Dealing in Bank-Ineligible Securities
Unlike other underwriting systems, Group 1 Software's Underwriting Automation solution uses advanced, real-time address cleansing and geocoding technologies to provide more precise address information based on the customer's actual street addresses, rather than their ZIP code location.
Business Geographic Underwriting is able to precisely locate a home's location relative to defined geographic hazards such as distance from a coastline or a brush fire zone.
The Board previously has determined-subject to the framework of prudential limitations established in previous decisions to address the potential for conflicts of interests, unsound banking practices, or other adverse effects-that underwriting and dealing in bank-ineligible securities is so closely related to banking as to be a proper incident thereto within the meaning of section 4(c)(8) of the BHC Act.
And as a BlitzDocs Certified Underwriting Provider, Radian also will have access to the BlitzDocs collaborative document network and will be able to receive electronic loan folders from any lender using BlitzDocs.
These firewalls were intended to prevent a bank from assisting a troubled affiliate by lending to it on preferential terms or by bailing out a failed underwriting by purchasing securities that cannot otherwise be sold.
Particularly when a collection is not of exceptional value or rarity, underwriting expertise has been developed.
Guidewire PolicyCenter provides system-to-system integration between the company and agents, applies rule-based business logic to risk evaluation, and provides underwriters a unified desktop to manage and monitor the underwriting process effectively.
Underwriters are faced with two daunting tasks: speeding up the underwriting process and accurately assessing which risks to write.
Her tenure in the insurance industry spans over 25 years, and includes experience in multi-line middle market business, facultative property reinsurance, program management, wholesale brokering, and E&S property underwriting positions.
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