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UDUniversity of Dayton (Dayton, OH)
UDUniversity of Delaware
UDUsted (Spanish: Formal You)
UDUrban Dictionary (slang web site)
UDUpper Deck
UDUdine (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
UDUniversal Design
UDUniversity of Dallas (Irving, TX, USA)
UDUtility Dog
UDUndead (gaming)
UDUser Defined
UDUtenriksdepartementet (Department of Foreign Affairs)
UDUnder Development
UDUniversity of Dubuque (Iowa)
UDUgly Duckling (band)
UDUniversal Declaration of Human Rights (UN; also seen as UDHR)
UDUniversity of Denver
UDUser Domain
UDUnder Duress
UDUrban District
UDUniversity of Detroit
UDUnlawful Detainer
UDUnión Democrática (Spanish: Democratic Union)
UDUnderdark (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
UDUnited Defense
UDUltimate Doom (game)
UDUniversitair Docent
UDUnited Devices, Inc.
UDUnderwater Demolition
UDUltimate Disney (website)
UDUnderwater Diving
UDUnit Diary
UDUndesirable Discharge
UDUnited Diesel
UDUniversal Default
UDUtility Degree (AKC Obedience Degree)
UDUt Dictum (Latin: As Directed)
UDUnder Defeat (game)
UDUtility Driver
UDUnidoom (gaming clan)
UDUniquely Decipherable
UDUtilisation Declaration
UDUnitary District (UK)
UDUlcerative Dermatosis
UDUnit Designator
UDUrban Disease
UDUnofficially Dropped (grading system)
UDUnable to Approve Departure for the Time Specified
UDUnremove Directory (Norton Utilities)
UDUnabsorbed Depreciation (accounting/finance)
UDUnder Digging (pipeline construction)
UDUltraDiagnostics (South Attleboro, MA)
UDUpper Division
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We understand the importance of providing our customers solutions that enable them to uncover undisclosed debt," said Avista Solutions COO and CFO Jerry White.
Thales Undisclosed Repair services for radio French
Ivax recently purchased Mexico City-based Laboratorios Fustery for an undisclosed amount.
With concerns over loan repurchases still overshadowing the mortgage market, the industry is adopting innovative solutions to prevent the origination of 'stated liability loans' and make losses associated with undisclosed debt a thing of the past," said Steve Meirink, Equifax Mortgage Growth Initiatives Leader.
Photo: (color) Burt Rutan and 10 other investors acquired Scaled Composites from Precision Castparts for an undisclosed amount.
The Amendment also extended the expiration date of BioGeneriX's option under the Undisclosed Protein Agreement to license the undisclosed protein from October 23, 2006 to December 31, 2006, provided that Neose would have the right to immediately terminate the Undisclosed Protein Agreement on November 16, 2006 if the option remained unexercised and BioGeneriX had not yet commenced a Phase I trial for GlycoPEG-GCSF.
Middlesbrough signed Brazil international Fabio Rochemback from Barcelona for an undisclosed fee and also snapped up free agent Abel Xavier.
The terms of the lease are undisclosed, but the asking price was $25 per s/f.
and Trayce Strauss, $80,000 in July 1954; the James See estate, $17,500 in May 1945; Edith Leigh, an undisclosed sum in May 1950; Ernestine Tucker, an undisclosed sum in November 1952; Elsa Miller, an undisclosed sum in February 1954; and Leora Cox Thomas, an undisclosed sum in December 1956.
General Electric Undisclosed LM6000 available in gas
Purchased for an undisclosed sum from a private collection, the painting, ``Young Italian Woman Leaning on Her Elbow,'' will be on display at the Brentwood museum beginning Thursday.
Nasdaq: IMGN) today announced that Genentech (NYSE: DNA) has licensed exclusive rights to use ImmunoGen's Tumor-Activated Prodrug (TAP) technology with therapeutic antibodies to an undisclosed target.