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Controversial and alternative medicines (CAM) are classified as unestablished treatments.
Therefore, particularly in unestablished animal infection models, a 24-hour-old microbiological tissue culture including CFU counting is encouraged.
While this implies that there are problematic limits created by publishing norms, Lozada's words also expose the way publishers subjugate some unestablished writers and force them to offer a less radical, uniform text.
If Your company is newly formed, unestablished and you have not yet gotten traction (i.
Although the clinical utility of MALDI-TOF MS analysis for accurate identification of genus Pantoea is still unestablished, Richter et al.
Today, the 15 of February is commemorated in grand style every year in Singapore as 'Total Defence Day' by a Singapore state bent on educating its young to remember the war as 'a catalyst in building a nation out of the young and unestablished community of diverse immigrants' (p.
Roberts wrote engagingly and though the journal petered out three years after his arrival in the colony, thoughts ran to as yet unestablished relationships between the journal, the maps and one or two other brief documents in the collection.
Although important, guanxi continues to lose significance with Millennials as cost efficiencies and unestablished relationships are vital for competitive advantage.
Instead, it represents a "Reformation-sensitive" response to the reasonable but as yet unestablished scientific hypotheses of a scientist who was also making theological claims about how the Bible should be interpreted.
For instance, ES-DMA + ESZ implies an as-yet unestablished derivation of the total particle number [as required by the EC recommendation Questions and Answers (EC 2011b)] and may not be valid for samples where a nonpolar solvent is required.
Founded by Cochrane, arts promoter Nayla Bassili and curator and writer George Rabbath, 392Rmeil393 aims to exhibit work by young, as yet unestablished artists, as well as those looking for an alternative outlet to the city's commercial galleries.