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UNFUniversity of North Florida
UNFUnified National Fine Thread (tools)
UNFUnited Nations Foundation
UNFUniFirst Corporation (stock symbol; Wilmington, MA)
UNFUngdomens Nykterhetsförbund
UNFUngdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (Denmark)
UNFUnited Nations Fund
UNFUnified National Fine
UNFUwharrie National Forest (North Carolina)
UNFUnified Fine Thread
UNFUmpqua National Forest (Oregon)
UNFUnité de Neuroimagerie Fonctionnelle (French: Functional Neuroimaging Unit; Canada)
UNFUniform National Fine (screw thread)
UNFUnreasonable Forward Sequence Counter Indicator Bit
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com/2016/11/6/13540350/left-4-dead-last-campaign-turtle-rock-dam-it) Polygon has learned that the unfinished campaign features a detailed map that serves as a good strategy guide.
But Causier rounded out his fourth World Championship win, making his own big score of 81 unfinished to become the 2016 LITETASK World Billiards champion in the short format.
For this particular kind of shelter, the designated shelter assistance composes of what we call a weather proofing kit or a sealing off kit which comprises of plywood and plastic sheets that the family can themselves apply into their house or the unfinished building in order to seal the apartment off of weather conditions.
In the letter Sharif termed Kashmir as an unfinished agenda of Partition and said ignoring it could never establish friendly relationship between the two countries.
The number of unfinished constructions was specified upon request of MP Mamytbai Salymbekov (SDPK).
I do feel that I have unfinished business in the "Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me.
Genese Grill's study intervenes where a number of these concerns converge; specifically, where the unfinished status of Musil's novel bears on the question of how the novel works.
Backlog: Every president takes office in Iran complaining about all the unfinished construction projects left behind by his predecessor and pledging to solve that problem.
Readers around the world can discover their unique roles in God's Kingdom regardless of where they live, and this book provides a direct connection between the unfinished work of this kingdom and those who feel incomplete in their faith and perspective.
An unfinished clip for West's new single Black Skinhead shot with fashion photographer Nick Knight, was leaked online on Monday without the pair's permission, News.
The Phoenix Initiative introduced some much needed improvement, but remains unfinished and under-utilised.
Summary: Egyptians poured into Tahrir Square on Wednesday to mark a year since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, with the ruling military planning grandiose celebrations and activists vowing to reignite their unfinished revolution, reports BBC.