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UNFURNUnfurnished (as in an apartment)
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The hallway was entirely unfurnished, but the rooms on either side contained benches and tables.
The rooms on the third floor and on the basement were completely unfurnished, and in a condition of great neglect.
We just wanted to know if there is any other cabin around here," he said, at the same time glancing over the unfurnished state of the room.
Griggs knew that in the lifetime of Jasper Dale's mother it had been unfurnished.
My mistress rented it unfurnished, and put in the regular things--1903 antique unholstered parlour set, oil chromo of geishas in a Harlem tea house, rubber plant and husband.
These mansions are to be had either unfurnished, where, if you have credit with Messrs.
The best thing was to remain in the hall; and besides, all these rooms (she glanced all round at the many doors), all these rooms on the ground floor were unfurnished.
So I discoursed that point with my governess, and she went and waited upon the captain, and told him that she hoped ways might be found out for her two unfortunate cousins, as she called us, to obtain our freedom when we came into the country, and so entered into a discourse with him about the means and terms also, of which I shall say more in its place; and after thus sounding the captain, she let him know, though we were unhappy in the circumstances that occasioned our going, yet that we were not unfurnished to set ourselves to work in the country, and we resolved to settle and live there as planters, if we might be put in a way how to do it.
It was a bare, unfurnished, comfortless room, with an unframed portrait hanging up at the head of the bed; a likeness, I take it, of the Doctor, for the forehead was fully displayed, and great stress was laid by the artist upon its phrenological developments.
Arter I run away from the carrier, and afore I took up with the vaginer, I had unfurnished lodgin's for a fortnight.
The property is being offered on an unfurnished basis and benefits from being located close to the city centre and its amenities.
For tax years 2013-14 onwards Revenue & Customs has written further guidance on allowable expenses on furnished property lettings, which have effectively had a detrimental, knock on effect on unfurnished property lettings.