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UNITInstituto Uruguayo de Normas Técnicas
UNITUltimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology
UNITUnited Nations Intelligence Taskforce (Doctor Who)
UNITUnified Intelligence Taskforce (fictional organization; Doctor Who)
UNITUnited Housing and Development (Egypt; stock symbol)
UNITUndergraduate Nurses in Training (University of Pittsburgh)
UNITUniversal Network of Iowan Timelords
UNITUnited Nations Intelligence Team
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In this it differs from physics, which, broadly speaking, is concerned with the cases in which all the particulars which make up one physical object can be treated as a single causal unit, or rather the particulars which are sufficiently near to the object of which they are appearances can be so treated.
There were manufacturing industries that employed two million, four hundred thousand people, but every trade was broken up into a chaos of small competitive units, each at war with all the others.
Some sort of a slower and lower grade republic we might have, with small industrial units, long hours of labor, lower wages, and clumsier ways.
A frugal mind cannot defend itself from considerable bitterness when reflecting that at the Battle of Actium (which was fought for no less a stake than the dominion of the world) the fleet of Octavianus Caesar and the fleet of Antonius, including the Egyptian division and Cleopatra's galley with purple sails, probably cost less than two modern battleships, or, as the modern naval book-jargon has it, two capital units.
Irish, Germans, French, Scotch, all the heterogeneous units which make up the population of Maryland shouted in their respective vernaculars; and the "vivas," "hurrahs," and "bravos" were intermingled in inexpressible enthusiasm.
She had no fear of the shadows; her sole idea seemed to be to shun mankind--or rather that cold accretion called the world, which, so terrible in the mass, is so unformidable, even pitiable, in its units.
The French alphabet, written out with the same numerical values as the Hebrew, in which the first nine letters denote units and the others tens, will have the following significance:
And between the mathematical mind of Michael, who counted to five, and the mind of the ancient black at Tulagi, who counted sticks of tobacco in units of five, was a distance shorter than that between Michael and Dag Daughtry who could do multiplication and long division.
To comprehend the meaning of these figures, it is necessary to observe that a quintillion is to a billion as a billion is to unity; in other words, there are as many billions in a quintillion as there are units in a billion.
The DSC will develop a training cycle for all SDDC-aligned units to include Warrior Task Training and SDDC technical training, followed by real-world missions to apply the technical skills and allow the unit to be evaluated on mission readiness.
Approximately 5 million original equipment light truck tire units are projected to be shipped in 2006, to be followed by a 4%, or 200,000 unit, increase in 2007.
injection unit convertible to vertical parting-line position, Selogica control with graphical sequence programming and integrated robot and peripheral-device programmability.