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UTDUniversity of Texas at Dallas
UTDUp to Date
UTDUnited Teachers of Dade
UTDUnable to Determine
UTDUniform Theory of Diffraction
UTDUniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (also seen as UGTD)
UTDUrban Thermo Dynamics (hip hop)
UTDUnit Training Device
UTDUniversity Teaching Department (India)
UTDUp the Downstair (Porcupine Tree music album)
UTDUp the Deise (website)
UTDUniversal Transfer Device
UTDUnion Textile Distribution (France)
UTDUnder Trust Dated
UTDUnit Test Driver
UTDUnderdetermination of Theory by Data (philosophy thesis)
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Freddie Jacobson, Sweden; Nick Watney, United States; Brendon de Jonge, Zimbabwe.
United Airlines and Continental do not seem interested in being left out of a possible consolidation wave, said Joe Schwieterman, transportation expert at DePaul University.
The United Nations' conspiracy to forge itself into a world government has been a mostly open conspiracy for many decades.
Brigadier General Jerome Johnson, director of plans, operations and readiness, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, United States Army, Washington, D.
1999-00: Arsenal 2 United 1 (Ch Shld), Arsenal 1 United 2 (Prem), United 1 Arsenal 1 (Prem).
House Foreign Relations Committee, Scheffer stated that he feared the document would interfere with the United States meeting its military obligations around the world and that U.
Today, the United States is that reckless and renegade country.
The United States prides itself as having one of the most comprehensive regimes governing international arms brokers in the world.
United Devices has a strong history of success in accelerating academic research through our market-leading grid solutions," said United Devices Director of Business Development and Strategic Relations, Piush Patel.
1996) (driver offered to open back door of motor home to facilitate search); United States v.
More than 50 years ago, United Refining was founded as a refiner of secondary gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
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