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To illustrate the effect of slavery on the white man,--to show that he has no powers of endurance, in such a condition, superior to those of his black brother,--DANIEL O'CONNELL, the distinguished advocate of universal emancipation, and the mighti- est champion of prostrate but not conquered Ireland, relates the following anecdote in a speech delivered by him in the Conciliation Hall, Dublin, before the Loyal National Repeal Association, March 31, 1845.
It was her own universal goodwill and contented temper which worked such wonders.
It is a match that must give universal satisfaction.
I saw a universal manifestation of discontent when the fumes of the repast met the nostrils of those destined to swallow it; from the van of the procession, the tall girls of the first class, rose the whispered words -
They could not every day sit so grim and taciturn; and it was impossible, however ill-tempered they might be, that the universal scowl they wore was their every-day countenance.
In ascertaining his customer's name and address beforehand, the owner of the shop had taken a precaution which was natural to a careful man, but which was by no means universal, under similar circumstances, in the state of the law at that time.
Its tenderness and flavour, size and cheapness, were the themes of universal admiration.
He was an universal favourite, and his ingenuity in little things was transcendent.
I had hitherto seen only one side of the academy, the other being appropriated to the advancers of speculative learning, of whom I shall say something, when I have mentioned one illustrious person more, who is called among them "the universal artist.
The Universal Postal Union had been organized in a little hall in Berne.
This supposition of universal venalty in human nature is little less an error in political reasoning, than the supposition of universal rectitude.
Had the example not been followed by other nations, all Europe must long ago have worn the chains of a universal monarch.
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