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UNLOCKUnderstand the full challenge, Negotiate buy-in of key stakeholders, Locate cultural advancers and blockers, Organize relevant goals, priorities, and action plans, Communicate credibly, and Keep adjusting (Harper)
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When he said the words I heard the elaborate iron latch with which I had struggled, automatically unlock itself: and then, far down the dark passages I had passed, I heard the heavy street-door shifting its own bolts backwards.
They are all locked on, for Oz so ordered it when the City was first built, and I have the only key that will unlock them.
so she took herself away in a hurry and came to the stars, and the stars were friendly and kind to her, and each star sat upon his own little stool; but the morning star rose up and gave her a little piece of wood, and said, 'If you have not this little piece of wood, you cannot unlock the castle that stands on the glass-mountain, and there your brothers live.
Impelled by an irresistible presentiment, you will eagerly advance to it, unlock its folding doors, and search into every drawer -- but for some time without discovering anything of importance -- perhaps nothing but a considerable hoard of diamonds.
Each year that brings its anniversary of the day that saw you racing across a near dead world to unlock the secret of that awful portal behind which lay the mighty power of life for countless millions a great festival is held in your honour; but there are tears mingled with the thanksgiving--tears of real regret that the author of the happiness is not with them to share the joy of living he died to give them.
I passed the time with one restless eye upon the clock, and the other on the Tantalus which Raffles ruthlessly declined to unlock.
He was unconvinced, and in his mind had sprung the determination to prove the correctness of his theory, for he had discovered the key which alone could unlock the mystery, or consign it forever to the realms of the unfathomable.
It is not upon this occasion the instrument of evil, but it will rather prove to be the key which will unlock our mystery.
She then went to a drawer, which she had to unlock, and took from it certain deeply scored manuscript pages.
As the stone which has been kicked by generations of clowns may come by curious little links of effect under the eyes of a scholar, through whose labors it may at last fix the date of invasions and unlock religions, so a bit of ink and paper which has long been an innocent wrapping or stop-gap may at last be laid open under the one pair of eyes which have knowledge enough to turn it into the opening of a catastrophe.
I had to unlock the old thing and poke and dive into it for an hour before I fished out what I wanted.
Whereupon the jailer, a sort of bear, trained to lock and unlock the gates of the prison, had greeted him and admitted him into the building, the doors of which were immediately closed again.