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UNSUniversidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)
UNSUnions (US Postal service standard street suffix)
UNSUnified Numbering System (alloy designation system)
UNSUnnilseptium (bohrium, element 107)
UNSUniversal Need Statement (USMC)
UNSUred za Nacionalnu Sigurnost (Bureau for National Security, Croatia)
UNSUnskilled and Semi-Skilled
UNSUniversity of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
UNSUniversal Navigation System
UNSUnited Nations Spacy (Macross, Anime)
UNSUnilateral Nerve-Sparing
UNSUnsecured Navier-Stokes
UNSUrgency of Need Statement (US Army)
UNSUbiquitous Network Society
UNSUniversity of Natural Sciences (various locations)
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Though this article is concerned with elements 110-999, I couldn't help but notice that UNNILPENTIUM (element 105) and UNNILSEPTIUM (element 107) can both be transdeleted (by removal of three letters) to NEPTUNIUM (element 93), an element whose name isn't part of the new systematic convention.
That's another 19 element names with atomic numbers 117, 171,711,107, 170, 701, 710, 157, 175, 517, 571, 715, 751, 179, 197, 719, 791, 917 and 971--we've already seen that UNNILSEPTIUM qualifies.