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In a relevant development, the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraqi Kurdistan capital Erbil has issued a statement on the recent closure of the 'Kileh' border crossing in Sardasht county in Western Iran, saying after a day off due to heavy snow and rain, that unofficial border crossing would be open again on Wednesday.
The modders also ensured that with the Unofficial Community Patch, the Projective Speed of Homing Grenades is doubled.
There will be rogue traders who will sell unofficial merchandise .
We have seen reports of fans paying more than PS1800 for tickets from unofficial websites.
47% of fans have watched a match through an unofficial provider at least once in the past.
Lawrie said risks may arise should any posting on the unofficial NZNO site be seen as a breach of good faith, such as making statements or claims that might be construed as misleading or deceptive by a reasonable observer.
As Korea's release of the megahit mobile game had been delayed for about six months, an estimated 500,000 users have downloaded "Pokemon Go" through unofficial channels according to industry sources.
According to the unofficial results announced by AJK Election Commission, All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference and Pakistan Peoples Party have won three seats each while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf two, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Party got one seat.
A spokesman for Aiken Promotions said: "We strongly advise Adele fans do not purchase tickets from unofficial outlets, secondary ticket outlets or auction sites.
Out of 274 seats in Lahore unofficial results for 265 have come out.
If the product's box does not have a yellow warning label on the top and a black warning label on the side, it is unofficial.
Although results show that in 2013 unofficial payments are less frequent than in 2008, more firms are subjected to bribe requests.