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UNPUnited National Party (Sri Lanka)
UNPUnion Pacific Corp.
UNPUniversity of Nebraska Press
UnPUniversidade Potiguar (Brasil)
UNPUniversity of Natal, Pietermaritzburg (South Africa)
UNPUnpacked (virus scanners)
UNPUnnilpentium (element 105)
UNPUniversity of Northern Philippines
UNPUnix Network Programming
UNPUniversity Neighborhood Partners
UNPUnited National Photographers (UK)
UNPUniversidad Nacional de Pilar (Paraguay)
UNPUtopia News Pro
UNPUtah Nurse Practitioners
UNPUmma National Party
UNPUrban Nutrition Project
UNPUniversidad Nacional de Panamá (Spanish: National University of Panama)
UNPUniversidade Portiguar (Natal, Brazil)
UNPUniversal Naming Protocol
UNPUnderwater Noise Pollution
UNPUniversity Network Program
UNPUpplands NätverksProgram (Sweden)
UNPUluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Australia)
UNPUnion Nationale pour la prospérité (French: National Union for Progress, Guinea)
UNPUniversal Network Probe
UNPUnited Nature Products, Inc.
UNPUnited Punjab (India)
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Daylight was two days behind his schedule, and falling snow and unpacked trail kept him two days behind all the way to Forty Mile.
He had unpacked the portmanteau long ago; and his elder children now played regularly about the yard, and everybody knew the baby, and claimed a kind of proprietorship in her.
He jumped up, and the leaden eyes which twinkled behind his mountainous cheeks leered horribly upon the food as he unpacked it from the basket.
there stood a strong man, with a mighty hamper, which, being hauled into the room and presently unpacked, disgorged such treasures as tea, and coffee, and wine, and rusks, and oranges, and grapes, and fowls ready trussed for boiling, and calves'-foot jelly, and arrow-root, and sago, and other delicate restoratives, that the small servant, who had never thought it possible that such things could be, except in shops, stood rooted to the spot in her one shoe, with her mouth and eyes watering in unison, and her power of speech quite gone.
The report also highlights that Samsung will be offering a live stream of the Unpacked event through its YouTube channel.
Samsung's rumoured wearable computing Galaxy smartwatch is also expected to make its way at the Unpacked event.
Diana O'Sullivan, part of the group of volunteers who took up the tiles in the 1970s, returned to see them unpacked.
This report will clearly state the condition of your consignment when unpacked.
The company is said to sell its tablet PCs in the way it sells Kindles, selling machines unpacked with software.
I stopped him and asked what he was doing with the unpacked underwear, but he did not say anything.
Gilbert Taylor, of Unpacked, says: "As the smallest member of the company, I've got used to being crammed into tight spaces.
There are thousands of sheet music books or biographies of bands but it's ironic that the first one we unpacked was that one.