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UNPDUnited Nations Population Division
UNPDUnited Nations Procurement Division
UNPDUnited Nations Program for Development
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It was Mr Squeer's custom to call the boys together, and make a sort of report, after every half-yearly visit to the metropolis, regarding the relations and friends he had seen, the news he had heard, the letters he had brought down, the bills which had been paid, the accounts which had been left unpaid, and so forth.
A fever, a mutilation, a cruel disappointment, a loss of wealth, a loss of friends, seems at the moment unpaid loss, and unpayable.
In this controversy the whole company spoke together, and every man seemed wholly bent to extenuate the sum which fell to his share; so that the most probable conclusion which could be foreseen was, that a large portion of the reckoning would fall to the landlord's share to pay, or (what is much the same thing) would remain unpaid.
Once when we left him unpaid, with egregious excuses, I looked back and saw him shaking with inaudible laughter behind his film.
To labour at living and be unpaid is worse than to be dead.
Molly, the housemaid, blubbered in the passage when he went away--Molly kind and faithful in spite of a long arrear of unpaid wages.
The occupation he set himself was to visit these with all discretion and speed, and, in the event of finding anywhere that he had left a bill unpaid, and a box or parcel behind, to pay such bill, and bring away such box or parcel.
Collins Construction Company, $1,288 in unpaid state Department of Labor and Industries construction penalties.
There is a clear difference between these two types of roles and Carers Northumberland, a Carers Trust Network Partner, supporting unpaid carers, feels that it is very important to make that distinction.
Sajad Khan, 24, of Riley Square, Bell Green, Coventry, failed to attend unpaid work and supervision.
Across the UK workers gave bosses nearly two billion hours of unpaid overtime, or the equivalent of a million full-time jobs, according to the TUC.
66 in unpaid Employment Security Department taxes, Filed June 17.