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The witnesses were stupid and unreliable and contradictory, as witnesses always are.
I mean Man," said Father Brown, "the most unreliable machine I know of.
Your pink paper says that the title was recently revived for him; but those papers are very unreliable.
Her recollection of what happened to her the next morning was still more vague and unreliable.
The claimant demanded that the information on the sale of Bank Mikhailivskyi PJSC and NBU's approval of such sale was qualified as unreliable and violating his business reputation.
The head of Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has opined that asset prices have become unreliable because of easy money policies followed by central banks.
The whole process remains unreliable and even vulnerable to tampering.
Their topics include a tentative roadmap to theorizing narrative (un)reliability, the performative power of unreliable narration and focalization in drama and theater: conceptualizing the specificity of dramatic unreliability, reality effect and unreliable narration in television news, unreliable narration in law courts, and the struggle for reliable dream reporting and the unreliability of dream reports.
In total 9 companies were registered as unreliable suppliers; 7 of them have already served their term of prohibition from participating in the state tenders.
Insp Matt Butler said: "This survey revealed that home breathalyser kits can be unreliable so we are urging people not to use them.
The expected number of unreliable patient results reported when an assay is out of control is a useful metric for characterizing a laboratory's QC strategy in relation to its analytical performance capabilities.
of Darmstadt, Germany) explore notions of uncertainty, doubt, and unreliable narration in relation to the concept of home in recent Indian diasporic women's literature from Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, and Great Britain.