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The nation's largest employers estimate that unscheduled absenteeism costs their businesses more than $760,000 per year in direct payroll costs, and even more when lower productivity, lost revenue and the effects of poor morale are considered.
Singapore Airlines is currently exploring ways to get the man to pay AUD25,000, which the airline will incur due to the unscheduled stop.
This project is installing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices at all incoming and outgoing feeders of the grid stations in all nine DISCOs across Pakistan to provide operators immediate information on total load data compliance with national allocations and visibility of individual GEPCO feeder load shedding performance to insure compliance with planned load shedding targets and avoid the need for unscheduled load shedding.
With unscheduled absences trending upward, companies need to get a good understanding of why employees are calling in sick at the last minute, what impact this has on other employees who are expected to pick up the slack, as well as the impact it has on customers and anyone else relying on the absent worker," said CCH Employment Law Analyst Pamela Wolf, JD.
According to the 2005 CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey, conducted for CCH by Harris Interactive(R), the absenteeism rate was 2.
DETROIT, March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The rate of unscheduled absenteeism has risen to a five-year high of 2.
A United Airlines aircraft flying from Taipei, Taiwan to San Francisco, USA was forced to make an unscheduled stop at Japan's Narita airport after an open-door alarm was triggered.
Contract notice: Provision of an Unscheduled Road Transportation Service for the Movement of Freight and Equipment (general stores, UN Class 1, Sect 5 Firearms, ADR freight) within EU Member States (including the UK and excluding Northern Ireland (NI)).
When contacted, an official at IESCO Complaint Centre admitted that there was a regular unscheduled loadshedding being observed in Sector I-10/1.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial Monday resumed the hearing of case regarding unscheduled electricity loadshedding across the province.