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U/SUpstream (Process Engineering)
U/SUnderstudy (theater)
U/SUnder Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
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Need more help deciding which condition code to use for your unit's unserviceable wheel assemblies?
Once the unserviceable part is returned to the SSA, the part becomes the lowest priority for movement to a collection and classification company for sorting.
The Army Materiel Command G-8 will receive a monthly report of all unmatched serviceable and unserviceable turn-ins exceeding the DDP.
Addressing these issues at this stage is a priority project which will ensure that the structure does not become unserviceable.
Instead of routing the component directly to overhaul, we exchange it for an unserviceable or close-to-TBO component removed from another aircraft--if we pull a transmission that has 300 hours of serviceable life from a recap aircraft but find another transmission on a reset aircraft that had 10 hours' TBO remaining, we swap components and effectively achieve an additional 290 hours of useful transmission life.
Many American Legion posts will observe Flag Day on June 14 by conducting ceremonies to dispose of unserviceable flags.
Meanwhile, the entire stock of 4,000 residual vapour testing kits - used to determine if it is safe to remove protective gear after a chemical attack - was found to be unserviceable and there was a 40% shortfall in nerve agent detectors.
2 million firm-fixed price contract for the conversion of unserviceable government-furnished Bradley Fighting Vehicle transmissions to serviceable HMPT500-3ECA transmissions.
While this is not illegal, there are certain circumstances where the ageing process can render a tyre unserviceable,even if it is unused.
As in that case, the work undertaken here was designed to correct a problem--the fraying of the asbestos fireproofing, which threatened to render unserviceable P's office building.
Barriers brought to the team's attention included broken electronics-testing equipment and an unserviceable F/A- 18 Hornet fuel tank that was delivered new from a supply warehouse, punctured and unusable.