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Mr Farooq told them about the various development projects launched for the upkeep and provision of different facilities especially welfare, boarding and lodging at various religious places across the countries.
UpKeep and their team recognized a cycle and wanted to offer UpKeep for free to break the loop.
They show us a way to pay for the upkeep of the tunnel without it being a liability.
Suffice it to say that before now, UpKeep was only on iOS and they also had a web application.
That's a minuscule amount compared to the funds Turkey has spent to upkeep the Syrian refugees.
Club chairman Martin Catton said: "We will use the money wisely to help with improvements to the pitch and the general upkeep of our facilities.
We pay over pounds 3,000 per year in service fees, and I'm still unsure where this money is going, because it certainly isn't being spent on the upkeep of any buildings or public areas around here
If the household is to care for the house, this insurance must be partial, because the household needs an incentive to provide costly upkeep on the property.
New Delhi, Oct 29 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has constituted a special committee to co-ordinate the efforts of upkeep and maintenance of newly created assets for the Commonwealth Games.
Lahore, April 15, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Engineers should work with devotion for the maintenance and upkeep of the power station for its reliable and efficient operation to meet the challenges of prevailing power crisis in the country.
Admission fees were introduced three weeks ago after visitor donations were not raising enough to help with the upkeep.
It's nice to see a family enjoying a day out together in the park and I hope they had a very good time, but I beg to differ in the praise given to Liverpool council and the upkeep of the parks.