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UPKUser Productivity Kit (Oracle)
UPKUniversal Pre-Kindergarten
UPKUniversity Press of Kentucky (est. 1969; Lexington, KY)
UPKUniversal Practical Knowledge
UPKUnit Pengurusan Kolej (Malaysian college)
UPKUnit Pack
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The firm order covers the supply, maintenance, upkeep and operation of the statement of 2719 heating cost allocators and 5 conditional tranches over 2038 distributors.
Under the terms of the agreement, we are mandated for the upkeep and maintenance of over 100 schools in Umm Al Qwain and Ras Al Khaimah and we have already started activating the project.
The main lesson from the model is that owning a home must necessarily expose the owner to property upkeep costs and the idiosyncratic home resale value risk.
A press release said Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has underlined the importance of upkeep of newly developed infrastructure in the Capital.
Often flats in blocks are sold on a leasehold basis with the freehold owned by a management company that is responsible for the upkeep of these shared areas.
4m each year for the upkeep of the historic site but does not get state help.
It's nice to see a family enjoying a day out together in the park and I hope they had a very good time, but I beg to differ in the praise given to Liverpool council and the upkeep of the parks.
UPKEEP DEETS Ask your stylist for thick, rounded eyelash-length and completely blunt bangs with no tapering around your face.
HAVING read several letters with reference to central Government providing funding for mima and the Temenos sculpture etc, and Mayor Mallon's and others responses regarding local councillors making unfair mileage from this, I'd like to ask, when do residents decide what we have to pay in extended community charges for maintenance and upkeep of these "works of art"?
The truth is that it has been their policy towards the upkeep of the buildings in their care that is the root of the problem.
Today, though, some upkeep and maintenance almost always is occurring when a ship is pierside (continuous maintenance availability).
But six out of 10 owners do not look into the cost of animal upkeep, the survey revealed.