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UPLIFTSUniversity of Pittsburgh Linear File Tandem System
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To test our hypothesis, we have built a statistical model for predicting the uplift rate at an arbitrary point in the terrain from the following given point rates:
least-squares collocation, using 2D elliptical approximation fitted to the uplift values in the Fennoscandian area treating residuals as "signal";
deriving an empirical covariance function for these residual uplift rates;
using as input for collocation computation, the uplift rates from BIFROST and from Finnish precise levellings (Fig.
This analysis yields the precision of the uplift rate of a predicted point anywhere in the terrain, which is height-connected to levelling benchmarks using GNSS and a precise geoid model.
First, we conjecture a simple functional model based on a bilinear function of two-dimensional location within the land uplift area:
This choice allows us modelling both the central uplift and the larger-area downlift, which are both known to exist.
T] is the vector of map projection plane co-ordinates centered at the maximum land uplift location.