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However, the literature is sparse regarding the use of POCUS for upper extremity DVT, and there is no consensus on the optimal approach or protocol.
The inclusion criteria were the following: first time unilateral ischemic stroke, >1 month after the onset of stroke, Brunnstrom stage 2-6 for affected hand and upper extremity muscle tone at the wrist with a modified Ashworth scale (MAS) score >1+, and no cognitive impairment (a pre-treatment SMMT score of >26).
Literature search: The following keywords were used to search the electronical database PubMed and Web of Science (WoS) (2005-2015): upper extremity, upper limb, upper extremity amputee, upper limb amputee, transhumeral and transradial.
Upper extremity fracture procedures were reviewed in this study due to their importance in orthopaedic education.
Prevalence of upper extremity neuropathy in a clinical dentist population.
To assess the subject's upper extremity function we used the Fugl Meyer test.
Spasticity was measured using the MAS, and the functional performance of a paretic extremity was evaluated by the Fugl- Meyer Motor Assessment of Upper Extremity (FMM-UE), Amount of Use (AOU) scale, Quality of Movement (QOM) scale, and the Motor Activity Log (MAL).
First described in the late 1800s, spontaneous primary thrombosis of the upper extremity, or Paget-Schroetter syndrome, accounts for approximately 20% of UEDVT (6).
present an activity manual and CD-ROM that students in athletic training, physical therapy, nursing, and other fields can use to learn the orthopedic evaluation of injuries of the upper extremity.
After injection of agitated saline into an upper extremity vein was not detected right-to-left shunt by transthoracic contrast echocardiography.
In fact, there is growing evidence that demand for upper extremity arthroplasty will continue to grow in the immediate future.
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