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For downslope tillage, significant differences in TP concentrations were observed between the topsoil and subsoil layers at the summit, backslope and toeslope positions, whereas highly significant differences in TP between topsoil and subsoil layers were present at each landscape position for upslope tillage.
1]; blue line) and direction (dashed black line); and (bottom) bulk upslope water vapor flux (mm m [s.
In Yosemite, the resurvey team found that about half of the small mammal species had moved upslope from the time Grinnell collected them.
It follows that the greatest risk of low clouds is along coastal areas, especially when there is onshore flow, and in and around mountains when winds are blowing upslope or across the mountains.
11 s and typical repolarization changes: J-point depression with a downsloping ST segment into an inverted T wave and a more rapid upslope back to the baseline.
Despite outward appearances - hundreds of feet of shoreline reduced to an oozing quagmire the whole way upslope to the timber sale - the logging met compliance with regulations, according to state officials.
Researchers tested their ideas about snake motion by adjusting the robot, which now does a passable upslope sidewind.
Behind, steps of 6-by -8 pressure-treated timbers lead upslope.
I hit a shot on the 14th on Friday afternoon off an upslope and kind of jarred it, then I had to have a go out of the rough on 18 because I needed to make four to make the cut," the world number 27 said.
With a heart-rate nearing overload, I ripped and tore upslope, never less than thrilled to simply be doing what I was doing.
Primary threats were the following (USFWS 2003): habitat alteration due to adjacent land uses and developments (a proposed housing development that would build within 18 m on Polo Ranch; an existing paved road upslope on Salvation Army land; and existing high school facilities and housing development bordering Scotts Valley High School Preserve on three sides); invasive plant species and thatch; inadequate legal protection; inadequate preserve design; and stochastic events.
They found that three quarters of them have shifted their range significantly upslope, in some cases by as much as 500 metres, or now grow in a narrower elevation range.