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The acquisition price for UpWind Solutions is USD 60m (approximately EUR 55m) on a debt and cash free basis.
As mentioned, in points' wind shelter index calculation, the maximum altitudes based on the effect sector that are on the upwind alongs, are determinant.
For this study, they sampled airborne endotoxin concentrations at an upwind site about one-tenth of a mile from the lot, at a downwind site at the edge of the lot, and at the dairy perimeters, which were more than three-quarters of a mile downwind of the lot.
against groups of upwind emissions sources rather than just against an
I also mix in about five to seven white decoys on the upwind edge of the spread.
Local lads Dan Perry and Steve Webb proved to be consistently quick upwind.
At the time of the final sampling six months later, this distance was approximately 20 m from our upwind site.
Once afield, they either hunted alone, walking quietly upwind, or they participated cooperatively with variable numbers of other hunters in drives or pushes.
oMosquitoes head upwind only briefly when they encounter just a whiff of carbon dioxide but proceed continuously upwind when the carbon dioxide plume is turbulent, fluctuating in concentration and mimicking the presence of a live host.
Our experiments show that the response of yellow fever mosquitoes to skin odour requires an exposure longer than that of carbon dioxide to induce upwind flight," he added.
The key is to plant it uptide or upwind (whichever is stronger) of the boat so that a taut line will keep the pole slightly bent, which keeps it in the bottom.
To find food, the moths must recognize the faintest whiff of datura smell and then track the scent upwind to the flower.