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UREAUganda Renewable Energy Association (Kampala, Uganda)
UREAUrban Regional Extension Agent (Houston County Extension Urban Center; Dothan, AL)
UREAUpper Rail Extend Auxiliary
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For sustained agricultural growth and to promote balanced nutrient application, urea is made available to farmers at statutorily controlled price, which at present is Rs.
At present, there are 31 urea manufacturing units, out of which 28 urea units use natural gas, using domestic gas/LNG/CBM as feedstock and the remaining three urea units use naphtha as fuel.
Alistair Neil reckons the data - which has been commissioned by CF Fertilisers - supports the principals already employed by many farmers using urea.
The secretary pointed out that November and December 2017 were the peak months for urea demand, but demand would go down in January and February 2018.
Near-term checkpoints for the fertilizer industry remain: 1) ongoing Rabi season to continue driving demand, 2) international pricing dynamics whereby urea prices rebounded to US$260/ton, up 60% since touching a low of US$163/ton in June last year and 3) normalization of inventory level - urea inventory coming down to 506,000 tons, from 1.
A common blood test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen found in the blood showed that 117,000 of those without diabetes - or 9 percent - had elevated urea levels, signalling poor kidney function.
The fertilizer industry's estimates of supply and demand over the next six months reflect that the available urea in the country during October, 2017 was 1,212,000 tonnes, out of which, 153,000 tonnes was exported and 340,000 tonnes was sold locally.
In September, urea off-take decreased 81 percent month-on-month (MoM) and fell 40 percent year-on-year (YoY) to 179,000 tonnes.
Nitrate could be lost through denitrification and leaching, if applied in the form of urea [2].
Steers were distributed to receive one of the following diets: control (CON), feed grade urea (U2, Reforce N, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), polymer-coated slow-release urea A (SRA2, Polymer-coated slow-release urea without sulphur in composition, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and polymer-coated slow-release urea B (SRB2, Polymer-coated slow-release urea with 29.
These results indicate that reducing the rate of urea hydrolysis and inhibiting nitrification with combined use of agrotain, nitropyrin in an alkaline calcareous soil is important to reduce N losses and N2O emission, improve fertilizer use efficiency of applied urea with maximum bioavailability to plants thus increase the yield of Maize crop.
By keeping in mind the above mentioned facts a pot experiment was conducted on rice to check the effect of ZnO coated, blended and bio-activated Zn coated urea on growth, yield and Zn bio-fortification in rice.