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Cystoscopy evaluation revealed a bilateral diverticulum near ureterovesical junction (Hutch diverticulum) and multiple calculi in the diverticulum (Fig.
Although the IVP was reported as normal in one case each with a ureteral calculus, nephrolithotomy history, and extrarenal pelvis, the ureterovesical jet flows were very low on the Doppler jet examination.
Therefore, it is usually bilateral and mostly located at the ureterovesical junction.
Dilation of the ureterovesical junction and ureter: In: Huffman JL, Bagley DH, Lyon ES, editors.
2] When there is complete injury of the distal ureter, direct ureteral reimplantation or a psoas-bladder or Boari-flap hitch procedure is usually performed to ensure ureterovesical continuity.
Several authors have proposed the use of [alpha]-blockers to facilitate lower ureteral stone (juxtavesical tract and ureterovesical junction) passage and expulsion.
At the ureterovesical junction, 3 ureteral segments are distinguished: the juxtavesical, intramural, and submucosal segments.
Her uretero-ileal anastomoses were functioning perfectly; therefore, we wished to avoid a re-implantation and risk stenosis of her new ureterovesical junction.
Contrast enhanced CT of abdomen and pelvis showed one large, heterogeneously-enhanced mass in the prostate, imprinting the bladder base and right ureterovesical junction, without clear demarcation from the prostate (Fig.
Occasionally, bladder diverticulum may result from congenital disarrangement of muscle fibers, mostly located in the ureterovesical junction.
19] possibly due to damage to detrusor innervation which arises from the pelvic plexus dorsomedial to the ureterovesical junction into the bladder.