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USURPUnited Society of Unusually Responsible People (website)
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For the last time in his life he allowed passion to usurp cunning and reason, and it was because of his great love for John Thornton that he lost his head.
The details of preparation for the bazaar had then come to usurp Lucy's attention for the next few days, and nothing had been said by the cousins on subjects that were likely to rouse deeper feelings.
Before they had penetrated very far into the labyrinth of men's abodes which yet lay between them and the outskirts, this aspect began to melt away, and noise and bustle to usurp its place.
Police said that initial findings suggest that the scary message was sent by Tanweer to his sister possibly with an aim to usurp prize bonds and cash worth Rs 795000 the accused was carrying with him.
The ministry of Water & Power is currently headed by federal Minister Khawaja Asif and State Minister Abid Ali both originally belonging to Punjab and seems busy to usurp Sindh's share of water on one or another pretext .
Redheaded Woodpeckers were unsuccessful in their attempt to usurp one Hairy Woodpecker and one Northern Flicker nest cavity.
Presidential signing statements further usurp the legislative power by resulting in the enforcement of laws that Congress has not passed.
Yet it's all but certain that the Supreme Court of Canada will usurp this legislative authority of Parliament by imposing same-sex marriage in the laws of Canada.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that RLUIPA is a legitimate exercise of Congressional spending power, does not violate the Establishment Clause, does not usurp the regulation of a core state function in violation of the Tenth Amendment, and does not violate the doctrine of separation of powers.
The colonial town's success has sneaked up on it, in much the same way the first Europeans did centuries ago, when they arrived to usurp the land and its resources.
The Republican Senators said that they did not want to usurp the regulatory powers that rightfully belong to the states by regulating non-ERISA plans, especially since many states had already addressed the patient protection issue.