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4% with 16 of 51 rigs contracted, while marketed utilization stayed at 45.
Increasing capacity utilization with flexible resource allocation
Astra Schedule is able to look at such factors as enrollment trends, student demand, and campus space utilization and deliver an academic schedule that maximizes the amount of available space on campus, getting the most out of the existing space at the institution.
The UN Convention and the Helsinki Rules are not the only attempts at codifying the international law of non-navigational transboundary waters based on the concept of equitable utilization.
refine the case-mix measure to better account for resource utilization,
In addition, restrictions on the utilization and the range of Medicaid-covered services can limit Medicaid recipients' access to home care services.
The best measure of hospital day utilization is patient days per 1,000 enrollees per year ("enrollee" includes the employee and his or her enrolled spouse and children).
While it is difficult to project the speed at which utilization will change, some clues may be gleaned from reviewing data from the state of California, which has 20 percent lower hospital admissions and 31 percent lower patient days per capita than national averages (631 patient days per 1,000).
Results of the VENUS Project: Increasing program utilization of vocational services