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UXPostal Card (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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While religious and social meanings in the pageant are constructed with reference to spatial relations and geometric axes of meaning, the interconnection between gender and the urban setting is also revealed through the activity in which Uxor is engaged in the dispute between Noah and his wife.
Having read his views in Judah Fuki's work, Selden mentions him in Uxor Hebraica.
19] Similarly, Evans's reading of Mrs Noah as a challenge to received sex-gender systems is accomplished through attention to the socio-economic status of medieval workers and in examining Uxor as subject rather than object (.
AElfric omits not only the troublesome uxor reference from his Genesis translation, but the entire verse in which Sarah tells Abraham to have sex with her servant and produce a child.
3 (March 1128): "Quo defuncto, uxor ejus Aanolz, relinquens seculum et veniens Juliacum, eidem loco et sese conversam tradidit et predictum casamentum donavit.
quod coram nobis constituta Caterina, filia Walteri dicti Dier, uxor Rolini Zobbe; .
Uxor is a strong and funny character whose rambunctious energy appeals to the audience in spite of her overt disobedience and shrewishness.
Uxor responder: Ideo tibi dat sancta Trinitas / Victoriam, Clovodeo, ut trium florum unitas / Auri sint tuo clipeo, quod dabit perpetuitas / Ut dominatu aureo tu regnet auctoritas" (96.
Attraverso fonti archeologiche e letterarie, di queste donne possiamo soltanto ricostruire la giornata-tipo, dedicata all'assolvimento di mansioni domestiche, o tuttalpiu l'articolarsi delle varie fasi della vita, col passaggio dallo status di puella a quello di uxor e di matrona.