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VAGVolkswagen Audi Group
VAGVersicherungsaufsichtsgesetz (German: supervision of insurance companies act)
VAGVancouver Art Gallery
VAGVlan Aggregator
VAGFreiburger Verkehrs Ag (German transportation company)
VAGVadehra Art Gallery (India)
VAGVolkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
VAGVRML Architecture Group
VAGVertical Alliance Group (various locations)
VAGVersova-Andheri-Ghatkopar (Indian transportation route)
VAGVeterans Association of Ghana
VAGVoitures Anciennes de Granby (French; Canadian classic car club)
VAGVéhicules Anciens de Grenoble (French: Vintage Vehicles in Grenoble; Grenoble, France)
VAGVolkswagen Audi Geselschaft
VAGVoice Access Gateway (computing)
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CONTENTS I Introduction II The Regulation of Vagrants in Great Britain III Vagrancy Laws in Australia and New Zealand A Early Colonial Approaches to Vagrancy B Local Vagrancy Statutes C Colonial Precursors to Consorting Offences IV Consorting Offences V Recent Developments in Australia and New Zealand VI Conclusion
Police arrested the men on vagrancy charges and efforts are now underway to repatriate them.
Now retired, I remember when there was a crime in the United Kingdom known as vagrancy, which was an attempt to force people to look after themselves.
Adolescents with serious behavioural problems, such as truancy, criminality, drug abuse and vagrancy, provoke a range of reactions.
Jailed for vagrancy, on release he meets up with Vinnie McLeod (Grace George), editor of the paper and one of the few honest citizens in town.
Chris Fitter considers vagrancy and "vestry values" in Shakespeare's As You Like It and June Schlueter reconsiders the matter of theatrical cartography and The View of London from the North.
the immediate locality is plagued by vagrancy, alcoholism, drugs .
Korolev's philosophical fascination with the idea of a tramp's lifestyle--by nature a bum possesses but his biography--turns vagrancy in the novel into a general metaphor--in Samuel Beckett style--for psychological detachment from the standard life of the urban masses.
He was too proud to return to his family in London and slept rough for two weeks before he was arrested for vagrancy and sent back home.
The work is the first in a series of paintings in the late artist's The Painter with Mary project - one of 20 projects on themes such as vagrancy, sexual behaviour and suicide.
Cardiff-born Griff, 53, discovers to his horror that rather than die in a train crash, his alcoholic great-grandfather Daniel Price was killed after a drunken street brawl and his wife Sarah Price - deemed a "bad parent" by the authorities - let her four children slide into vagrancy.