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VAINVaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
VAINValley AIDS Information Network, Inc. (est. 1989; Oregon)
VAINVesta Access Information Network
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And if that be the true virtue which is unconscious of itself--well, the vain man is unconscious of his modesty
But disguised do I want to see YOU, ye neighbours and fellowmen, and well- attired and vain and estimable, as "the good and just;"--
In vain Saphir declared that love made them equal; Serpentine would only reply: 'I love you too much to allow you to marry beneath your rank.
These heroic men and women are dying in vain for a lost cause, contrary to the belief of this government that it is to prevent terrorism.
Butchered: Michelle's brother battled in vain to save her life after she was battered and stabbed
London and Newcastle were the second and third most vain cities for women - topped only by Liverpool, the female vanity capital of Britain.
Judicial temperament, he argues, "influences how and whether the Supreme Court manages to express constitutional values that are recognized by the American people as fundamental or whether it attempts in vain to impose contested values on an unwilling nation.
Treatments for VAIN include excisional biopsy in the office, intravaginal 5-fluoracil, laser ablation or electrofulguration, and partial vaginectomy.
Sixteen subjects (8%) were found to have high-grade VIN or VAIN; 12 of these women had VIN, 3 had VAIN, and 1 had both types.
The reader gets the sense that she has entered an alternate universe, one in which men are painfully honest and wear their emotions like nicotine patches, in vain attempts to control love addictions.
The parallel and regularly spaced straight lines of steps and levels play with the verticals of posts and pillars, as well as with the oblique lines of roofs and staircases; these desperately vacant forms seem vain skeletons.
This new French resistance continues a national tradition that has staked out territory where the state treads in vain.