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VPAValproic Acid (anticonvulsant drug)
VPAVisual and Performing Arts (educational department)
VPAVoluntary Partnership Agreement
VPAVirtual Population Analysis
VPAVancouver Port Authority (Canada)
VPAVietnam People's Army
VPAVaginal Pulse Amplitude
VPAVoluntary Placement Agreement
VPAVolunteer Protection Act of 1997
VPAVermont Principals' Association
VPAVolume Purchase Agreement
VPAVAX Performance Advisor
VPAVictorian Preservation Association
VPAVolunteer Pilots Association
VPAValid Peripheral Address
VPAVietnam Pepper Association
VPAVirtual Pilots Association
VPAVoice Path Assurance (telephony)
VPAVernal Pool Association (Peabody, MA)
VPAVertical Patch Antenna
VPAVancouver Public Aquarium
VPAVariable Power Amplifier
VPAVoluntary Pricing Agreement
VPAVector Potential Analysis
VPAVice President Agency
VPAVirginia Port Authority (Norfolk, VA)
VPAVirtual Personal Assistant (various companies)
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The PRAC also recommended that the companies marketing these medicines carry out additional studies to further characterise the nature and extent of the risks posed by valproate and to monitor ongoing valproate use and the long-term effects from affected pregnancies.
She realised Annie's symptoms, which also include asthma and sensory issues, were those of foetal valproate syndrome.
This is the extension of our previous study comparing the cognitive profile of bipolar disorder type I patients in remission with lithium or valproate monotherapy (13).
Sodium valproate at 300 mg/kg[11] dose was obtained from Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd.
The safety and tolerability of adjunctive LATUDA with lithium or valproate compared with placebo were examined in 2 short-term, randomized clinical trials of patients with bipolar depression.
In 2015, Baker et al reported that in utero exposure to valproate as compared with other antiepileptic agents was associated with a lower IQ in children26.
Prior to the onset of symptoms, the medical condition of our patient was satisfactory, and she was not on any medications other than lithium, valproate, and levothyroxine.
There have been several further reports of valproate induced hyperammonemic encephalopathy [80] [81] [82] [83].
Valproate can be the antiepileptic drug of choice as it is one of the most effective agents for controlling seizures in patients with primary generalized epilepsy, said Dr.
The Maternal Outcomes and Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs (MONEAD) study assessed neurodevelopmental outcomes in 311 children whose mothers took valproate, phenytoin, carbamazepine, or lamotrigine for epilepsy during pregnancy.
In March 2012, he was transferred to a long-term psychiatric hospital for ongoing supervision and management on a combination of reserpine (1 mg bd), sodium valproate (1 000 mg bd) and olanzapine (20 mg bd).
Recalling a similar patient with high fever, diffuse erythrodermia, and irritability, but no lethargy, probably related to VPA (unpublished), the treating physician considered the possibility of an adverse reaction to an AED and decided to stop sodium valproate immediately.