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VAMPVesicle Associated Membrane Protein
VAMPVerification and Analysis of Multi-Threaded Java-Like Programs (workshop)
VAMPVulnerability Assessment Management Program
VAMPVieilles Autos Motos Passion (French: Old Motor Car Passion)
VAMPVector Arithmetic Multiprocessor
VAMPVulnerability Analysis Methodology Program
VAMPVisual Arts, Music, Performance (multimedia variety show; San Diego, CA)
VAMPVHSIC Avionics Modular Processor
VAMPVictorian Arbovirus Monitoring Program (Australia)
VAMPVisual, Acoustic, Magnetic Pressure Survey Equipment
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The students get these skills by engaging with musicians in their communities, outside musicians and the Vamp TV programs.
There is also the beaded lane across the instep of the vamp, and although we cannot see the heel seam on this pair, the long trailing heel fringe replaces the heel seam beaded lane on this pair.
126 Designed with a slighly tapered box, medium vamp, wide platform, and low sides, $79.
From left: Lamia Abedin, Dina Dermengi and Christian David during the launch of Vamp at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai Mall.
Three years on, after thousands of miles in the 'Hicko Sailing Academy' on deliveries, sailing in regattas and offshore east coast races, I was fortunate to be invited to be part of the Australian crew on Vamp.
Venus and Venus Vamp bra and thong are pounds 22 and pounds 10 respectively, with Shame on You
While watching the fluorescent VAMP travel through axons, however, the scientists realized that the microtubules were transporting packets containing large amounts of the protein, many more molecules than needed to form a single synaptic vesicle.
The shoe at left is make of three main pieces: the midsole, which is the part your foot stands on; the vamp, which covers the front half of your foot; and the heel section, which encloses the rest of your foot.
But Wallner says that in the same year that Vamp reached its peak the pastels favored by Drew Barrymore sent her fans to chain drug cosmetic sections for the same "pouty, pearly" hues in nail enamels.
In Vamps and Tramps, Camille Paglia's latest volume of book reviews, essays and interviews, one of America's most popular social critics gathers together virtually everything she's published in the past few years, including--lest we missed them--the jacket blurbs she's contributed to various books.
In her book, Duncan had written, "Mike Vamp doesn't play pattycake, April.
Bebop: This is not Yardbird's suite, only the vamp.