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VAMPVesicle Associated Membrane Protein
VAMPVerification and Analysis of Multi-Threaded Java-Like Programs (workshop)
VAMPVulnerability Assessment Management Program
VAMPVieilles Autos Motos Passion (French: Old Motor Car Passion)
VAMPVector Arithmetic Multiprocessor
VAMPVulnerability Analysis Methodology Program
VAMPVisual Arts, Music, Performance (multimedia variety show; San Diego, CA)
VAMPVHSIC Avionics Modular Processor
VAMPVictorian Arbovirus Monitoring Program (Australia)
VAMPVisual, Acoustic, Magnetic Pressure Survey Equipment
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Toshie by So Danca, #SD40 Features a V-shaped vamp with drawstrings, slightly tapered box, a wide platform with no pleats, and long wings $72, www.
d(L TO R) Lamya Abedin, Dina Dermengi and Christian David, during the launch of Vamp a NY fragrance debuts in Dubai with Emirati fashion designer at Lafayette Galleries in Dubai Mall
Minor Vamp (Mick Kinane, right) comes clear of stablemate Baileys Cacao (centre)
It has been encountered in ancient vamp type moccasins sites in the arid Great Basin, probably left by natives migrating from the North.
diseases as well as some cancers using VAMP Inhibitors.
While watching the fluorescent VAMP travel through axons, however, the scientists realized that the microtubules were transporting packets containing large amounts of the protein, many more molecules than needed to form a single synaptic vesicle.
Not the real Mike Vamp, but the Mike Vamp shown on the cover of the British edition of Don't Look Behind You.
Bebop: This is a simple vamp, a comment on his comment, 'cause everything he plays sounds right.
These sites have increasingly moved to a multi-media presentation that integrates video with text and VaMP makes it simple for editors to publish video contextually and to maximize engagement and monetization.
5 The Hunger (1983) STYLISH vamp movie which opens to a soundtrack of Bauhaus singing Bela Lugosi's Dead.
A pre-arched shoe in your choice of a V-cut vamp with no drawstring or a U-cut vamp with a drawstring.