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Fingerprint recognition technology for "smart guns" is still vaporware.
Newer variations are behind today's headlines, including pitching B2B exchanges and global fiber optic networks that are nothing but vaporware, risking employees' retirement funds in schemes to help earnings per share this quarter, or creating convoluted special-purpose entities to dazzle fund managers.
Many CRM vendors were slinging their solutions to customers that were simply not ready for them, and the result gave CRM solutions the mistaken reputation as vaporware.
Today, most industries sport their own versions of vaporware, if not in form, then certainly in substance.
Surface's speculations about the future of WDDA are not likely to end up as vaporware.
Reporters are looking for solid news from companies with real products, proven business strategies, and customer success stories, startups that tout vaporware and CEOs still in grade school can't expect to get the coverage they once did.
As business editors, we at CE are ever admiring the inventive dialect of Silicon Valley wordsmiths, whose ingenuity and humor introduced mainstream nouns like vaporware (much-hyped, but never available software) and coasterware (software so useless it remains shrinkwrapped).
Today the industry is awash in product and system claims from a variety of suppliers, some solid, some little more than vaporware.
The me-too may tempt you with lower prices, but if the company sells out, those deals could become vaporware.