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The judge stated, for example, [y]ou see, what you have to explain to me is why not if these other practices - say while we're cleaning up this mess, why don't we also take care of - you must agree that vaporware is a problem .
Vaporware may take the form of promises by the local salesperson that the equipment can be made to work in accordance with the company's specifications, even though the manufacturer's specifications are different.
You name it, we have it: groupware, firmware, vaporware, peopleware, and (the subject of this column) shareware.
We hear a lot of hype and vaporware from other quarters about competing Wi-Fi products that, for all the promised glory, are still just on their drawing board and not available for the consumer today, if ever.
Can the blockchain actually solve real world issues or is it simply vaporware.
From my perspective, and based on two recent experiences, it appears to be an industry-wide practice of vaporware, products advertised merely to gauge customer demand.
Compare the following terms: vaporware, word processors, DOS, GIGO, Internet, Fortran, Centromine with paradigm shifts, RHIOs (regional health information organizations), technology-driven transformation, resistance to change, outcomes, recent initiatives, incentivize, neu-rotechnology, and interoperability.
Could today's VP of sales sit across the table from a live customer and hype vaporware with the same vigor that was used to pitch B2B exchanges and global fiber optic networks?
Latest additions to The Buzzwhack Compliant Dictionary include: B2C, belly-buttons, brandstorming, CLM, courtesy call, exceedance, forklift upgrade, legacy, percussive maintenance, reefer, swiped out, and vaporware.
Pre-release offers: Perhaps because vaporware announcements are so notorious, publishers often forget that at least some buyers want to be first in line to buy new products.
Caldera, which inherited DR-DOS from Novell Corp, says Microsoft systematically used vaporware announcements, fear, uncertainty and doubt, exclusionary licenses, intentionally created incompatibilities, blacklists and illegal tying in its efforts to crush the rival to its MS-DOS.