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VASAVietnamese American Student Association
VASAVending Association of South Africa
VASAVisual Arts Students Association
VASAVirginia Administrative Support Association
VASAVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VASAVidriería Argentina Sociedad Anónima
VASAValue Added Services Alliance (now defunct)
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Dada la baja frecuencia de la vasa previa, los retos diagnosticos que representa para el ginecologo y la importancia de tenerla en cuenta dentro del diagnostico del sangrado del segundo y tercer trimestres, se presenta este caso con el objetivo de hacer una revision de la literatura publicada respecto a la exactitud del ultrasonido para su diagnostico, asi como tambien revisar la patogenesis y el pronostico de esta patologia.
The investment in Vasa, which has developed a patent-pending technology to measure fluid flow rates, enhances Molex's capacity to provide medical device and sensor solutions, said Tim Ruff at Molex.
The naval architect who oversaw the building of the ship managed to escape the investigation by dying before the Vasa was launched and was unavailable for comment.
Rut Eneberg, 66, and her husband, Tommy, 65, both moved from Sweden to Los Angeles in the early 1960s and had their first date at the midsummer festival in Vasa Park.
Mel Roseman, Chief Operating Officer of Nexus Nano Electronics, said, "Again, we feel that our partnership with Vasa is and will be successful because we listen to what customers are asking us to do and understanding where other suppliers make mistakes.
The official journal of the Czech Society of Cardiology, Cor et Vasa, is is open to all novel research in the field of cardiology.
2 -- color) Musicians play at Vasa Park in Agoura on Sunday during a Swedish festival to usher in summertime.
Hosted by the Vasa Order of Swedish Americans in Thousand Oaks, the event is in celebration of an ancient holiday custom started in Sweden back in 1655.
The NEL VASA (Versatile and Advanced Signal Processing Architecture) chip, the world's first single-chip MPEG-2 HDTV CODEC, integrates Denali's Databahn memory controller core, which enables the chip to interface with external DDR-SDRAM memory running at clock rates up to 200MHz (400MHz data transfers).