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VAVVariable Air Volume
VAVVlaamse Aikido Vereniging (Dutch)
VAVVis-à-Vis (French: face to face)
VAVVoices Against Violence
VAVVenga Aerospace Systems
VAVVOC Anlagen Verordnung (German)
VAVVereinfachtes Anmeldeverfahren (German)
VAVVerband Aargauer Volkstheater (German)
VAVVolume d'Air Variable (French: Variable Air Volume; temperature control)
VAVVietnamese American Volunteers
VAVVisiCalc Advanced Version
VAVVisions and Voices
VAVVéhicules Anciens de la Vienne (French: Vintage Vehicles of Vienna; automobile club)
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These are a significant advantages now, but over time they will fade as sequences become standardized (see "Laboratory VAV Reheat Zone Sequence of Operation") and as BAS contractors develop lab expertise.
A VAV box can be used to control a zone or set of zones in a large building where there are centralized HVAC equipment providing the conditioned supply air to zones.
The discussion will be coordinated by Daniel Guy, senior manager and Mazars' national lead for housing VAV T A , and James Hurst, VAV T A director and lead of the central region VAV T A practice.
7 kBTU/square foot with conventional systems) and whose initial incremental cost for VRF is less than $4/square foot compared to CAV and VAV systems.
Venturi airflow-valves are used as VAV units in order to maintain a constant airflow automatically and instantaneously adjusting to change in static pressure of the duct system.
In addition, as an improvement of the original design, a case with CAV ventilation was created where the AHU's and ventilation ducts were increased by one size to determine which is more reasonable--investing in the VAV system or more reliable and simple CAV system with larger ducts and AHUs.
When a VAV system reduces the air flow rate in a laboratory, "it saves energy at every component in the HVAC system," says Coogan.
The cooling water tank and the chiller section have been omitted since the current work will be concentrated on the VAV boxes supplying cold air.
The Rabbi explained that the numerical Hebrew abbreviation for 5766, tav, shin, samech, vav gives insight into the nature of the upcoming year.
Through his research, Mumma found it was very difficult to ensure both proper temperature and proper ventilation in all spaces with VAV systems.
VPACC uses statistical quality control measures to detect faults or control problems in VAV boxes.
With the F-Series, users have three choices of control: electronic control for constant-volume applications; standalone microprocessor control for variable air volume (VAV) systems; and product-integrated controls (PICs) for constant-volume or VAV applications.