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VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in 1948 and from 1956 to date)
VAWVardø, Norway - Svartnes (Airport Code)
VAWViolence at Work
vAwVon Amts Wegen (German: Officially)
VAWViolence Against Women
VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (US Navy)
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21 women killed in Buner in gender bases violence, total 39 cases of VAW, 27 rape cases, four harassment cases and eight assaults on women cases were registered in Buner.
On the issue of VAW in their own lives some admitted that they have either emotionally or physically abused a woman, at least once.
To launch the campaign, a special series of live Google Hangouts will be held between 8 - 31 March 2014 to kick-start conversations about VAW and to encourage donations in support of the campaign.
In analysing statements and themes found in that document, I found that the dominant discourse in the Strategy is one of a rigid gender binary, and biologically determined sex-roles, used as both a way to explain the problem of VAW in Victoria, and to validate the appropriateness of the proposed solution.
Sindh remained the province with second highest instances of reported VAW cases with a total 1649 cases, that formed 22% of the total cases reported in Pakistan.
The Kabul VAW Unit alone has initiated over 580 cases from 21 different provinces since opening in March 2010.
We conclude, for example, that all the country-level campaigns have created a forum for discussion about the rejection of VAW, with a view to influencing the opinion of society as a whole and national public policies, as well.
The Women's Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) Nepal has been directly implementing its programme on VAW and SRHR in six districts in Nepal.
Although international support for VAW action has increased in recent years, it is still inadequate in view of the extent of the problem and its impact on human development (WHO, 2005a; 2005b; UNIFEM, 2003).
etc, treaty bodies and other procedures such as the human rights committee; UN special reporter on VAW ; UN world conferences on women.
VAW said its remit failed to identify rape, sexual assault, trafficking, prostitution and pornography as violations.
The major part of the automotive castings business became a part of Hydro through the acquisition of the aluminum company VAW, Bonn, Germany, in 2002.