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VEGVery Evil Grin
VEGVegetarian Eatup Group (Canada)
VEGVancouver Evolution Group (BC, Canada)
VEGVelium Encrusted Gauntlets (gaming)
VEGValue Engineering Guideline
VEGVolle Evangelie Gemeenschap (Pentacostal organizations, Netherlands)
VEGVisual Entertainment Group
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Each is an incident in the progress of civilization; the man and the vegetable alike taking the direction pointed out by Providence for the fulfilment of his or its destiny.
And there are plenty of vegetables left in the garden.
Their parents stuffed the empty sack with three rotten vegetable marrows, an old blacking-brush and two decayed turnips.
His garden became a perfect crater, erupting vegetables.
Their marvellous whiteness of the teeth is to be ascribed to the pure vegetable diet of these people, and the uninterrupted healthfulness of their natural mode of life.
Nobody was at home, but Daylight dismounted and ranged the vegetable garden, eating strawberries and green peas, inspecting the old adobe barn and the rusty plough and harrow, and rolling and smoking cigarettes while he watched the antics of several broods of young chickens and the mother hens.
With the exception of a few berries, chiefly of a dwarf arbutus, the natives eat no vegetable food besides this fungus.
You find thus in the very sands an anticipation of the vegetable leaf.
We could not determine whether they were animal or vegetable.
The sausage had only to watch the pot to see that the food was properly cooked, and when it was near dinner-time, he just threw himself into the broth, or rolled in and out among the vegetables three or four times, and there they were, buttered, and salted, and ready to be served.
Where's the money come in from flowers that take up the ground that good vegetables might be growin' on?
The remainder of the garden presented a well-selected assortment of esculent vegetables, in a praiseworthy state of advancement.