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The Northern Hemisphere gets autumnal equinox in September, when the vernal equinox takes place in the Southern Hemisphere.
De Diaeta, a medical treatise attributed to the school of Hippocrates in the late 5th century BC, confirms the year is "generally divided into four seasons," but it defines them with the rising and setting of the Pleiades, the rising of Arcturus, and the vernal equinox.
I realized that a lot of these phenological surveys of spring events were based on the calendar date rather than on their timing relative to the vernal equinox," Sagarin says.
And not until the year 8000 will the vernal equinox be out of sync by a half day.
Chosen to coincide with the Vernal Equinox, Earth Day was later endorsed by President Gerald Ford.
Easter, the Christian holy clay celebrated by nearly 2 billion people worldwide, is supposed to fall on the Sunday following the full moon that appears on or after the vernal equinox (first day of spring).
I wonder if the delayed vernal equinox had anything to do with it
This year's conference, held on the cusp of the vernal equinox, attracted nearly 800 TEI members and guests.
when a new year began with the rising of the new moon closest to the vernal equinox (about March 21).
Because it meant that the vernal equinox came a bit ahead of its previous mark each year, this motion was called the precession of the equinoxes.
The word Easter is derived from the Anglo - Saxon eastre, a festival held at the vernal equinox in honor of the Teutonic goddess of dawn, Eostre.