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VCRVideocassette Recorder
VCRVery Cute Rear
VCRVariable Compression Ratio
VCRVehicle Condition Report
VCRVice Chancellor for Research (various schools)
VCRVertebral Column Resection (surgical procedure)
VCRVapor Compression Refrigeration
VCRVertical Crater Retreat (mining)
VCRVideo Cassette Recorder
VCRVirtual Classroom
VCRVideo Conference Recording
VCRVoluntary Challenge and Registry
VCRViolent Crime Report (US DoD)
VCRVirtual Communication Relationship (Fieldbus Networks)
VCRVoice Command Recognition
VCRVisual Control Room
VCRVoluntary Compliance Resolution (US IRS)
VCRViolating Conditions of Release (legal charge)
VCRVoter Consumer Research (est. 1992; Houston, TX)
VCRVolvo Club Romand (French; Swiss Volvo club)
VCRVoltage Controlled Resistance
VCRVariable Chip Rate (algorithm)
VCRVoice Cockpit Recorder
VCRVictorian Cricket Registration (Australia)
VCRVliegclub Rotterdam (Dutch: Flying Club Rotterdam; Netherlands)
VCRVisible Cocaine Residue
VCRVisit Clearance Request
VCRVoices of Civil Rights
VCRVirtual Capture and Replay (software engineering)
VCRVirtual Coupon Record (online airline ticket purchasing)
VCRVendor Charged Rework
VCRVoice Communication Requirements
VCRVélo Club Rochois (French: Rochois Cycling Club)
VCRVintage Citroën Register (automobile association; UK)
VCRVacuum Coupling Radiation (type of fitting)
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5 9 19 10 49 11 36 12 16 FNA = fine-needle aspirate; M = male; F = female; - = negative; + = positive; NT = not tested; NS = nonspecific; ABV = doxorubicin (Adriamycin), bleomycin and vincristine sulphate; HAART = highly active antiretroviral therapy; ABV+ = extended vincristine; CR = complete remission.
This is explained by the fact that vincristine is metabolized in the liver by cytochrome P-450 (CYP) dependent enzymes especially CYP3A to an active metabolite that bind to macromolecules in the target tissue to exert their mutagenic effect, that process leads to the formation of free radical (Zhou-Pan et al.
There is a case report of successful treatment of abdominal wall mass associated KMS with Vincristine along with surgery.
Considering the severity of the teratology occurrence followed by drug use during organogenic period [6,14] and onset of cerebellar growth in that period, vincristine was administrated intraperitoneally on days tenth and fifteenth of pregnancy [10,12] at the dose of 3 mg/kg for the treatment group [1,2,5].
Sub-confluent cultures were treated with 29 [micro]M usnic acid or 10 [micro]M vincristine (positive control) for 4 and 8 hours.
Obese mice treated with vincristine also had an increased relapsed rate, even when the drug was dosed proportionally to body weight, equalizing blood and tissue drug levels.
Vincristine can inhibit cell microtubule integrity and therefore stops nucleus spindle formation in cell division (Tang et al.
Therefore, AHCC is safe and unlikely to result in increased toxicity when used in combination with commonly used chemotherapeutic agents such as Cyclophosphamide, Ifosfamide, Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Irinotecan, Vincristine, interferon and Imatinib.
Mr Jowet was inadvertently administered the anti-cancer drug Vincristine via his spine instead of a vein.
The patient was previously treated with vincristine and prednisone, followed by chemotherapy according to the R-CHOEP-14 protocol (3 cycles) (November 2003 through January 2004).